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Spartacast 07, by Spartacus

Focus on the real enemy and forget the divisive divisions that enemy tries to foment. From Spartacus at iceni.substack.com:

With every day that passes that we don’t have justice, I get angrier, and so should you

Hey guys, Spartacus here, for a seventh Spartacast.

The documentary, COVID-19: The Biodefense Mafia, has been out for over a week. In that time, it has had over 13,000 hits on Rumble. That’s good, but honestly, I feel like it needs more. This information needs to be seen by as many people as possible. I’ve gone to the press with this, and except for ZeroHedge, and fellow alternative media bloggers, all I get is a wall of silence. That should tell you something.

People are stuck on the question of the Lab Leak. Did COVID come from an animal? Did it come from a laboratory? Nobody seems to have a definitive answer, a real smoking gun they can point to, aside from the fact that SARS-CoV-2 Spike has some very strange inserts in its sequence, such as the Furin cleavage site, the gp120-like insert, the superantigenic region, and the fact that it binds bacterial lipopolysaccharides and may boost the inflammatory effect of bacteria in a symbiotic way, and aside from how SARS-CoV-2 contains a sequence that’s found in a Moderna patent, and aside from the years of coverups, conflicts of interest, and gaslighting from all parties involved, nope, there’s no one piece of evidence that we can point to that says definitively that it came from a lab.

But that’s just it. We don’t need to.

I feel that people are getting bogged down with lingering questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The actual picture of what happened here is much broader than that, and it involves decades of increased US DOD spending on biolabs and biodefense, absent any real oversight or scrutiny. In fact, the one watchdog group digging into these biolabs, the Sunshine Project, was forced to close because they ran out of money. In retrospect, of course they ran out of money. It’s not in the interest of wealthy donors to donate to causes that run counter to their psychopathic Neo-Malthusian dreams of depopulating the planet with viruses.

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