The Age of Savagery, by Robert Gore

This is dedicated to Holly O and all those who know that civilization and savagery are not equivalent, refuse to overlook or excuse the latter, and will not be silenced. Let the voices of those silenced by threats or force strengthen the voices of those who can still speak.

Mendacity keeps breaking out to new highs. What’s behind the bull market in bullshit? A large group of small people clinging to a status quo that has enriched and empowered them like no status quo has ever enriched and empowered any cabal or coterie before. A much larger group—host and prey—so bamboozled they don’t recognize their own anemic decomposition as their lifeblood is sucked away. Many of the few who recognize the peril pin self-defeating hopes on the rube’s game of politics.

The purpose of the lies is astonishingly tawdry: to preserve a failing system for another few days, months, years, or best case, until those currently milking it are dead. That’s it, the only point: to keep the grift going just a little longer.

Find a threat, be it Islam, Russia, China, or creatures from Mars, to justify enormous expenditures on useless armaments and wars. Pretend that the ever-dwindling ranks of the productive can continue to support the ever-expanding ranks of the unproductive. Ignore the deadly inflection point, now reached, on the debt graph where the inevitable accretion of compounding interest wreaks its mathematically certain havoc. Pray that tax cuts or tariffs or central banks will make things all better. Allow intelligence agencies that ignore the Constitution and can’t explain why they need the information they have to collect even more of it. Invite people into your country that want to destroy it and hope for the best. Blame unapproved outcomes in the putrid political playpen on nefarious foreign machinations.

When lies are all you’ve got, truth is the enemy. Successful governments, if that’s not an oxymoron, don’t need repression. They are small and unobtrusive. Repression wouldn’t serve their limited purposes and would strain their limited resources. There’s an inverse relationship between success and repression. The best marker for the merit of a society is how it treats the truth. Those that seek the truth and honor their truth-finders and truth-tellers have earned the approbation “civilized.” Those that do the opposite, at the intellectual and invariably the physical level of degenerative violence, garner the condemnation “savage.”

It’s telling the names given to humanity’s epochs. Europe emerged from the Dark Ages and the names of subsequent ages—the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, the Industrial Revolution—denote the ascendance of truth-seeking. It’s a chore for second-rate nag historians to tally those ages’ imperfections. Directing one’s gaze upwards, one sees a roughly six-century efflorescence of inquiry, science, invention, thought, knowledge, art, literature, music, political philosophy, and human freedom, overall a single Age of Civilization.

In a tedious nod to politically correct nag historians, it’s hereby noted that one imperfection was slavery. A necessary rejoinder: slavery was virtually eliminated in those nations that embarked towards civilization, but flourishes still in lands of the savage. Under much of Islam today, women are chattel. There’s a global black market in children who are forced into servitude and sexual submission. In many parts of the world, human beings own other human beings outright, the definition of slavery.

It’s intellectual depravity to maintain that civilization and savagery are equivalent, overlook or excuse the latter, or silence those who refuse to equilibrate, overlook, or excuse. Project Silence is most advanced in Europe. Under “hate speech” laws, notably in Great Britain, France, Germany, and Sweden, public opposition to Middle Eastern and Northern African immigration and public notice of immigrant crime have been criminalized.

Often, the crimes themselves—through lax or nonexistent enforcement of existing laws—have been decriminalized. In further appeasement of the immigrants, law and its enforcement have been ceded to them. In some districts the horrors of Sharia reign. Only recently have European leaders began to concede that there are places in their countries where non-Muslims dare not go.

Every epoch contains the fruits of prior epochs and the seeds of future ones. While there are usually no bright historical lines demarcating one epoch from the next, the transition from the Age of Civilization to the Age of Savagery is an exception. The years 1913 and 1914 mark that transition.

With the Sixteenth, or Income Tax, Amendment, ratified February 3, 1913, the US government asserted first claim on the products of its people’s labor. The Federal Reserve Act, enacted December of the same year, allowed the government to replace gold-backed currency with fiat units backed by nothing but promises and the legal tender mandate. The two enactments legitimized government and government-central bank theft (through the hidden tax of currency depreciation) and fraud. The freest nation in history had reversed course.

As if to provide tangible confirmation that it had entered an Age of Savagery, in 1914 the world embarked on its second bloodiest war ever. World War I killed 18 million and wounded another 23 million, split about two-thirds and one-third between military and civilian casualties.

It was a fitting kickoff to the new age, and would be followed by the horrors and death tolls of Nazi Germany, communist Soviet Union and China, another, even deadlier world war, and countless smaller scale wars and genocides. The twentieth century was easily the bloodiest in human history, but its savagery proceeds apace in the twenty-first, which may come to rival its predecessor.

Theft using violence or its threat is the quintessence of traditional savagery, but fraud, especially in modern societies, shouldn’t be underestimated. Savages wear Brioni suits, have diplomas from the best schools, and fill the highest positions in business and government. It is the belief that others’ lives are the means to one’s own ends, and the willingness to employ whatever means necessary–from lies to slavery to murder–to achieve those ends, that distinguishes the savage.

Savages are savages wherever you find them. Destruction and death are their means and only ends. Those who would tell the truth are in a pincer between primitives. Truth threatens the primitives above who are imposing their version of order, and the primitives below imposing their version of chaos. The unifying element is hatred of human freedom, progress, and greatness, hallmarks of the Age of Civilization now passed.

Three steps forward, two steps back appears to be humanity’s course. After six centuries forward, it’s stepping backward. Savagery waxes and wanes, but never wins. The lives savages most desperately want to end are their own. Those who rightfully resist savagery in the name of self-defense, honor, the truth, and freedom have the right and the responsibility to give them what they want.

The Age of Civilization

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29 responses to “The Age of Savagery, by Robert Gore

  1. Yeah the voters had nothing to do with any of this. And we all know our neighbors in far distant lands while “savages” who enjoy slavery are not to be feared and therefor armies and weapons are not only stupid but a fraud-because our neighbors underneath their savagery and slave mongering ways really wish us the best.

    Curious mixture of the wise and the stupid.

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  2. “…Those who rightfully resist savagery in the name of self-defense, honor, the truth, and freedom have the right and the responsibility to give them what they want.”

    Well summed up Robert.

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  3. Thank you.


  4. A good and accurate description of the present society and its problems.

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  7. The entire Roman Empire after Marcus Aurelius was nothing but savagery with a cosmetic appearance of civilization…Savagery can last a long time.


  8. in his description of White Western Civilization’s ascendance, Gore left out a critical data point:

    along the way, assorted Kings, princlings, and parliaments decided to let the Jews out of their ghettos

    where they had been safely sequestered for some time.

    from there it’s a “straight line” to 1914, and a debt-financed White-on-White world war.



      Haxo: They had to let the Jews out of the ghettos if they wanted financing for their endless wars of conquest. Edward Longshanks comes to mind.


  9. This article linked below is written by someone who is ignorant.

    He seems completely unaware about the jewish agenda, which is a complete backing for the Kalergist philosophies pushed by jewry and their communistic and Freemasonry allies, a war against White people which is being waged not only in Europe, but in America also. His failure to know and address that issue of jewish involvement is almost as repulsive as the photos which accompany his story. Those subversions are widely known despite most of their concerted activities being conducted in secretive environments because they do not want their centralized planning to be factually known to the public, which is why they propose and conduct these anti-White activities through their long-established organizations which network together and are designed to be secret societies.
    Members of those same groups network together within government and sit on the boards of the major corporations:

    “There’s a petition on, begun just 3 days ago on March 22, 2018, to replace Citigroup/Citibank as the official provider of credit cards to the U.S. government.”

    This is what the petition says:

    Citigroup has announced they are unilaterally setting restrictions on gun sales by their business customers. These restrictions would prohibit; who their business customers conduct business with, including adults under the age of 21, sale of magazines that Citigroup has considered “high capacity”, and so called “bump-stocks”. [Continues]


  10. “Savages are savages wherever you find them. DESTRUCTION AND DEATH ARE THEIR MEANS AND ONLY ENDS. Those who would tell the truth are in a pincer between primitives.”

    Rom 3:10-18… “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. Their throat is an open sepulchre; with their tongues they have used deceit; the poison of asps is under their lips: Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness: Their feet are swift to shed blood: DESTRUCTION AND MISERY ARE IN THEIR WAYS: And the way of peace have they not known: There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

    Well said! That mirror reflects us all, however; outside of Christ. Consider.

    That said (not by me but the Apostle Paul, I might add), I have a question. You write…

    1) “The lives savages most desperately want to end are their own.”

    and… (for the well heeled savage I suppose)

    2) “The purpose of the lies is astonishingly tawdry: to preserve a failing system for another few days, months, years, or best case, until those currently milking it are dead. That’s it, the only point: to keep the grift going just a little longer.”

    The first is suicidal and the second self preservational. If the first, why not just implode the system, well within their power, and be done? They have however made remarkable provisions for themselves (continuity of govt., self sustaining tropical islands, I hear New Zealand is incredible for the well to do savage, underground bunker cities, etc).

    I see the picture painted in (almost) the same way you report it (my lenses are as Biblical as I can manage to focus them), was just a bit confused by this. Am I misunderstanding something?

    Very much appreciate your consistent communications.


    • GCP,
      Good question. I would say the savage evades the truth about himself, about desiring his own death. Preserving the current system is a reflex designed to hide that truth from himself, not a desire to live and realize all that life can offer. There’s a great scene in Atlas Shrugged in which James Taggert, a savage in a Brioni suit, faces the knowledge that he has always desired his own death. Up until that moment he has pretended that is not his end, but his own thoughts, speech, and action are such that he can no longer evade the truth. As a novelist Ayn Rand could construct such a scene. It doesn’t happen often in real life, but I think the scene portrays a much wider truth. The savages in Brioni suits go to enormous effort to hide the truth from themselves. I can’t look in to anyone’s soul but my own, but I think that the savage wants to kill every living value because he hates himself and ultimately, wants to end his own life, regardless of the motions he goes through to preserve that which has given him the power to steal, destroy, and kill.

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      • Very interesting and thank you for the reply. From the Biblical perspective satan, the god of this world (2 Cor 4:3-4) who would sit atop this savage pyramid, wants nothing more that to be God Himself. He does not seek his own demise, he seeks worship (Isaiah 14:12-14). To gather followers he makes “offers” as the world was bequeathed to him by Adam in the garden. The offers are a life of glory, power and knowledge (Luke 4:5-6). To the unsuspecting savage, not to the Lord, these are remarkably tempting things and he is most always swayed. It’s “normal” in a way to be swayed by such things as such things sound pretty good, normally.

        As satan comprehends scripture better than I, surely he is aware of his coming demise. All he has left is to be the destroyer. At this point, he destroys simply to destroy, as would Rand’s “self loathing” savages. Those which follow satan “in his truth” expect a far different outcome however. They expect immortality in this world. They expect to win. They think “god” is on their side! They too want, and feel they deserve, worship.

        They will first “become” what Darwinian “evolution” naturally presupposes. “Ye too shall be as gods…” (Gen 3:5). If we began as amoeba, became apes and are now men; what is next on the list? From goo to the zoo to you to… god. This is who I believe we are dealing with. Something far worse than a suicidal tyrant who should simply be given what he ultimately seeks.

        It’s why they detest us mere “deplorables” as much as they truly do. They honestly believe they have been placed above us. We are nothing more than somewhat useful, always disposable idiots to them. But they were deceived.

        If you can deal with English subtitles, here is part 1 of a very compelling interview with a man from the Netherlands named Ronald Bernard who found himself the recipient of some substantial “gifts”. A tale told how a minor savage becomes a major savage in the world of international finance… the world which runs the world. (Love of money being the root of all evil – 1 Tim 6:10) There are 5 parts in all, I have made it through 3 thus far. Yikes, is all I can say…


  11. How do you kill 11 million people? You lie to them. You lie to them all the way from the relocation railroad cars to the “shower” chambers. Same with hidden taxation via Federal Reserve via money printing. Hard to print more gold, salt, copper, or other tangible finite resource. Any guess how long this fiscal train has before it goes careening off the tracks Robert? What will the first warning signs look like and how fast will it be upon us?


    • The fiscal train is already derailing. Excessive debt is squashing growth. Back debt out of the GDP figures and growth has been negative since the last financial crises. Interest rates bottomed in 2016 and have creeping irregularly upward. The stock market is starting to crack as central banks reduce their balance sheets and short term rates creep upward, making borrowing more costly. The US government is running deficits approaching $1 trillion at a time when the economy is supposedly doing well. A recession would send that number to $1.5 or 2 trillion. When do we get the obvious, train plunging off a cliff moment? I’d say its close, but despite the subtle signs, it hasn’t happened yet. I do know that no nation can live beyond its means in perpetuity, so I’m quite sure we will get that train will run off the cliff.


  12. I hesitate to post this on YouTube only due to the fact its a fairly long read and there in lies the problem, at least in my opinion. Most of America gets their information from the headlines, not the actual story. And the divide we’re seeing will not end quietly, I fear


  13. You smacked it down exactly, Robert. Savages are easy for me to recognize, I’ve been living around them my whole life. They’re easy to spot, too, all you have to do is listen to the ones who are devoid of logic and reason. Your blog is terrific.


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