You’re a Little Whitey, Aren’t Ya? by Porter

You know the left has gone over the deep end when white males are demonizing white males…because they’re white males. From Porter at

Diversity destroys diversity. This is as axiomatic as it is meticulously unmentioned. To state the obvious, turning every unique human genetic profile on Earth into an indistinguishable mustard-brown hybrid is hardly the work of an honest diversity enthusiast. But maybe if they’re all wearing Nikes while listening to rap on an iPhone the fine distinctions will come more into focus.

The truth is human diversity resides in abundance even where there is no “diversity.” Diversity exists between separate but similar nations, as well as those nations that should be separate if God weren’t so mischievous.

Consider one obvious example: Southern conservatives and north corner leftists. That these two disparate groups share the same polity is surely the work of providence that feels affection for neither. Yet visibly they are very similar creatures. But so are king and coral snakes. And who can really say which you’d rather have share your bed sheets.

The point being that non-diverse populations can be very diverse indeed. Portland, Oregon is one of those highly diverse places. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in that city; most of it pining for Mogadishu.

Not that Portland doesn’t have its charms. The urban rain forest motif is pleasantly striking. And the city keeps its sprawling army of indigent drug addicts out of sight so long as you don’t look where you’re walking. There are interesting bars, restaurants, and neighborhoods, and quite pleasant weather for salamanders I’m certain.

The truth is if you’re not really looking you won’t find much about Portland in which to take offense. It’s when you tune into the ambient noise that the inputs become ugly. That’s because Portland isn’t just a liberal town. It’s a red or dead one. It’s a place where Maoists, Bolsheviks, and Khmer Rouge can be safely nurtured without fear of hostile intrusion by humanity.

What that means in practice is that a visitor from Earth is as likely to see a lunatic woman stepping over homeless on the sidewalk while shrieking to no one about heartless Trump, as they are a riot of unemployed black-clad baristas unselfconsciously smashing the city’s progressive retail outlets. I have seen both.

That’s why I found the following two tweet-embedded videos so unsurprising.

And here is video of an elderly man who didn’t heed their street orders — so they chased him down. #Portland

— Andy C. Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) October 8, 2018

In them, antifa takes it upon themselves to commandeer a public intersection and scream racial profanities at confused or disobedient motorists. By racial profanities, I obviously mean anti-white.

In the first video, an obese middle-aged moron whose legs can not be seen because they are camouflaged in cut-off shorts confronts a driver who is so fascist that he actually tried to drive on public streets. Understandably enraged, the communist plumbs the vast empty expanse of his brain for the most vile insult he can imagine to hurl. And there it was.

You’re a Little Whitey, Aren’t Ya?

I hope liberal parents will be content in the knowledge of their 1.3 children suffering that sneer for a lifetime.

Though perhaps realizing he had unerringly pinned the tale on the Nazi, the perceptive pylon repeated his accusation multiple times. White! White! White! You’re White! screamed the white.

I understand there is no more hideous pejorative to the leftist mind, but to the swarms of extraterrestrials that cloud the Oregon skies, this act of militant idio-supremacist moral preening must seem like ample enough reason to turn this planet into a bauxite mine, and move on to more intelligent locales.

While white men screaming “white man!” at other white men as an insult is a stupidity difficult to exceed, his ‘comrades’ certainly weren’t dissuaded from the attempt. In another intersection hijacking, an elderly driver induced antifa’s crusaders to attack his car at not one but two traffic lights. Would you guess this attack was triggered by the driver dragging Tom Robinson by the neck to a lynching tree? Well, it was nearly that bad: he was dragging his own old white body through a green light. And that, Atticus Lenin, is even more raysis.

Of course protecting the public is far beneath the dignity of the Portland PD. Particularly when they are distracted by the task of multi-nostril booger extractions. And so trivialities like domestic terrorists attacking drivers in the middle of the city in broad daylight are simply not something to leave the doughnut shop over.

Though I can’t help but imagine if neo-Confederates in Alabama were accosting blacks in the streets with “You’re a little nigger, aren’t ya?” The thought can barely be formed without eight divisions of federal troops appearing in it simultaneously. I guess that kind of frantic protection is what not paying taxes will get you.

Though another aspect of this intersection picnic program is how fruitful it is for fatalities. What are the odds that a frightened or confused driver doesn’t end up plowing over one of these parasites? Or aside from that, how long before they drag a driver out and beat them to death? One or the other is a near certainty. And when it happens, another certainty is that it will be the driver, if he lives, who sees the business-end of a criminal courtroom.

That’s why Sleepy Sessions needs to climb out of his cookie tree and start applying serious federal penalties to these groups. I couldn’t care less how many of them get splattered during their antics. But actual sentient beings are guaranteed to suffer collaterally. I’m even willing to save money on incarceration by staffing their prisons with illegal MS-13 guards. It’s the way antifa would want it.



One response to “You’re a Little Whitey, Aren’t Ya? by Porter

  1. they are pushing harder and harder as each day passes. at some point, a spark will be produced that will result in a conflagration those idiots cannot fathom and which will consume them.

    stupid cannot be fixed, just as the mental illness that is ‘liberalism’ as defined in this nation cannot be fixed.


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