Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda, by Brandon Smith

Trump’s actions belie his rhetoric as some sort of revolutionary outsider in Washington. From Brandon Smith at

In my last article, ‘The Fed Is A Suicide Bomber With A Deeper Agenda’, I explored and dismantled recent propaganda surrounding the Federal Reserve’s tightening actions, including the propaganda that Jerome Powell is some kind of rogue central banker who is rebalancing the system for the good of the nation.  To summarize the points made in that article:

The Fed deliberately created the “Everything Bubble” so that it could be deliberately imploded at the proper time – in other words, the crash we have been witnessing so far during the final quarter of 2018 and continuing into 2019 is a controlled demolition of the economy.  Jerome Powell is not some “rebel” going against the easy money dictates of the Fed.  Jerome Powell is playing the role that has been given to him.  Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen’s job was to inflate the bubble.  Jerome Powell’s job is to crash the bubble.

This is a tactic used by the Fed and the globalists that run it for over 100 years – conjure a debt bubble, deflate the debt bubble, cause a crisis, siphon up hard assets for pennies on the dollar, use the panic to gain more power and centralization, introduce new control measures while everyone is distracted, rinse, repeat.

This process of controlled demolition needs a considerable distraction so that the central banks and the globalists ultimately avoid blame for the painful consequences of the event.  Enter Donald Trump and the false Trump vs. Globalist paradigm.  As I mentioned last week, the Fed is only one side of the equation for the crash; Trump is the other side.

Confidence games are highly varied affairs. They can be extremely simple and often obvious to everyone but the most inept and unobservant, or, they can be highly complex with many moving parts of deceit combined into a single elaborate con-machine. It is important to understand that confidence games are not just a means to steal money or valuables from unwitting people; they are also a vital part of economic manipulation, government dominance, and warfare in general. Almost all mainstream economic “authorities,” politicians, military tacticians and covert operatives are con men in one way or another.

With the exception of military tacticians acting in defense against an aggressor, con men are predominantly sociopaths. In order to carry out a “grift” against innocent people, an extreme lack of empathy is required. Understanding the mind and motivations of sociopaths and narcissistic sociopaths makes it possible to identify them faster and allows us to see their con games ahead of time.

In terms of social control, elitist con men are highly preoccupied with preventing spontaneous organization of rebellion. But this does not always involve the outright crushing of dissent. Instead, the elites prefer to use co-option and misdirection (con games) to lure rebellious movements to focus on the wrong enemy, or to trust the wrong leadership.

I am often reminded of the infiltration of the Tea Party movement by neo-conservatives in the years after the 2008 election. Neo-con-men exploited the desire among Tea Party activists for mainstream legitimacy and more widespread media coverage. They gave the activists what they wanted, by injecting their own political puppets into the movement. It did not take long for the Tea Party to abandon its initial roots in individual sovereignty and the Ron Paul campaign and adopt a decidedly statist tone. The smart people left the movement early and went on to launch their own efforts, but the goal of the establishment had been accomplished — the grass roots organized threat of the Tea Party was no more.

That said, the principles of conservative economics, small government and personal liberty remain entrenched in the American psyche and continue to grow. These ideals have a life of their own, and almost seem to act autonomously at times from any particular group or leader.

The single most important dynamo behind the rise of sovereignty activism has actually been the liberty media, or what some might call the “alternative media.” This group of people has been working tirelessly for years to inform the masses on the REAL news and data behind global events. Over time we have earned the trust of millions based on honest reporting and accurate predictions. It was only a matter of time before the establishment attempted to co-opt us as well…

The downfall of the Tea Party was a lack of cohesive leadership. There was no one there to put a stop to the neo-con infiltration. There was no one in a strong enough position to vet incoming influencers and prevent poison pills from entering the bloodstream of the movement. The problem with leadership, though, is that it denotes centralization and a bottlenecking of decisions and action. It’s quite a quandary for advocates of decentralization.

The most effective method for the establishment to sabotage a rebellion is to place one of their own puppets into a leadership position in that rebellion. This exploits the movement’s subconscious appetite for top down leadership. It neutralizes activists by tricking them into waiting for orders from on high instead of acting on their own individually. It makes a movement lazy and impotent.

The con game of false leadership goes beyond this, though. A charismatic puppet leader can trick activists into following a path completely opposite of their foundational ideals. He can turn the movement into something they would have originally despised (like turning a limited government pro-sovereignty movement into a big government pro-state cult). He can also take actions which are self-destructive, thereby making the movement appear insane or foolhardy by proxy.

I warned of this potential dynamic with Donald Trump long before the 2016 election. In fact, I predicted that Donald Trump would win the election based on the premise that the globalists were planning a grand con; to not only use Trump as a scapegoat for the crash of the “everything bubble” they had been inflating for the past 10 years, but to also use him as a pied piper to lure conservative movements into individual inaction, as well as being named as co-conspirators in the economic collapse that Trump was about to be involved in.

In my article ‘Clinton vs. Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement,’ published in September 2016, I noted:

“To summarize, the elites need a patsy for the breakdown of the financial system they have engineered. That patsy will not be Trump per se, but conservatives in general. Whether Donald Trump is aware of this program or not, I do not know. I have no hard evidence indicating that Trump is anti-constitution; then again, I don’t have much evidence indicating he is pro-constitution. All I have at present to go by is his rhetoric, and rhetoric counts for nothing.

What I do know is that triggering a fiscal crisis under the watch of Trump and blaming conservatives is far more useful to the elites than triggering a crisis under Clinton and risk blame falling on international banking syndicates.”

The crash has now begun in the final quarter of 2018, with housing markets, auto markets and credit markets in steep decline, as well as stock markets trending into bear territory. In the same article I also stated:

“I believe Clinton is meant to lose. If this is the case and Trump is inaugurated in January of next year, the liberty movement needs to ask itself if Trump is truly an obstacle for the elites, or if he is an ally to the elites.

The Left is already salivating over the possibility that the Trump campaign will devour the liberty movement and turn it into something unrecognizable. Just take a gander at this editorial from Bloomberg called ‘The Tea Party Meets Its Maker,’ which announces the death of the “Tea Party” at the hands of Trump…”

After two years of witnessing Trump in action, it is clear to me that he is an active participant in the new world order agenda, and not just an unwitting patsy for the economic crisis.

Trump started out his presidential campaign with two very important issues. First, he argued for the need to “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C.; which included a sharp criticism of Hillary Clinton’s ties to banking elites and globalists. Second, he criticized the fraudulent state of the U.S. economy, pointing out that the stock market was in a massive bubble created by the Federal Reserve using near zero interest rates.

Trump’s first action upon entering the White House was to invite multiple “swamp creatures” into his cabinet, going against his core campaign promise. This was not all that surprising considering his past.

Trump was saved in the 1990s by Rothchild banking agent Wilber Ross, who bailed him out of his debts tied up in his failing Taj Mahal casino. Wilber Ross is now Trump’s commerce secretary. I ask, who is Trump going to be loyal to? The American people, who can offer him nothing of consequence, or the Rothschilds, who saved his public image and his billion-dollar empire?

Trump is also currently “advised” by the likes of Steven Mnuchin formerly of Goldman Sachs, Larry Kudlow formerly of the New York Fed, and John Bolton of the CFR, among others.

Trump has since flip-flopped on his economic position. Instead of warning about the huge financial bubble the Fed had created, he adopted a Twitter campaign TAKING CREDIT for the bubble for the past two years.

Some people will argue that Trump has placed blame on the Fed and exposed their operations, but this is theater based on selective observations.  Trump continues to set himself up as the fulcrum or source of the current crash.  Just this week his administration called the market decline a “little glitch” which would be solved once a trade deal with China was solidified.  In other words, Trump is saying the trade war is the cause of the crash, not the Fed.  Trump then at the same time blames the Fed.

Confusing?  Not really, when you understand that Trump is part of a grand con game.

If Trump was truly interested in bringing down the globalists, then he would not be consistently providing them with such perfect cover for their crimes.  I have been warning for the past year that the trade war is a perfect distraction for the public as the Fed unwinds QE and raises interest rates to kill the Everything Bubble.  Trump continues to attach his administration to stock market performance while also blaming stock declines on his own trade conflicts with China.  But what about Trump’s supposed battle with the Fed?  It’s all wrestle-mania.

As the stock rally crumbled in the final quarter of 2018, the script that Trump would follow in response was also rather predictable.

In my article ‘In A Battle Between Trump And The Fed, Who Really Wins,’ published in February 2017, I reminded readers that the goal of the Fed is a controlled demolition of the U.S. economy and the dollar to open the door for the “global reset.” The reset is the event that the globalists hope will allow them to introduce a single global currency system and single world economy with the IMF and perhaps the BIS at the helm.

In my article ‘Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar,’ I outlined the details of the con game. The globalists WANT to sacrifice the Fed and the dollar to make way for their new world order system, but they cannot do this in a vacuum. They need a distraction. Trump’s “battle with the fed” will likely escalate into a full-blown war. But Trump’s position against the Fed is not honorable.

According to the narrative, Trump is not going after the Fed because it has created the everything bubble and is now deliberately imploding it. Trump is going after the Fed because he wants the Fed to make the everything bubble even bigger by continuing to prop up a stock rally that Trump has attached to the success of his presidency. Trump will be painted as a spoiled baby in the mainstream, throwing a tantrum and attacking the “innocent” central bankers who were only trying to “normalize markets.”

In the meantime, the globalists can slowly kill the world reserve status of the dollar while avoiding the blame for the severe economic consequences this will produce. A conflict between the White House and the central bank will be presented as a sign that faith in U.S. debt and the longevity of the dollar is a bad bet. Foreign holders of dollars and T-bills, already quietly dumping these assets, will accelerate the decoupling. Trump’s trade war activities add to the distraction, creating a brilliant theater in which conservatives are conned into supporting a puppet leader on the verge of collapse, and confirming the crazed arguments against conservative principles in the minds of globalists and leftists.

The con game is to get liberty advocates to invest themselves fully in Trump, to the point that we end up owning every mistake he makes, and every disaster that is pinned on him. There is a concerted propaganda campaign targeting the liberty movement which is telling us that Trump is playing “4D Chess;” that Trump is planning a “coup” against the banking elites, that Trump is planning to bring down the Fed as a means to save the U.S., and even that Trump is working with Jerome Powell to crash the globalist system as a means to “restore the Republic.”

While Trump throws a bone to conservatives at times, including promises of a border wall, or a pull-out in Syria, there is no evidence to support the fantasy that Trump is some kind of ingenious tactician battling the the forces of evil using his wits while inside the system. But, there is considerable evidence as I have linked above supporting my position that Trump is controlled opposition working with the globalists to initiate a collapse that will be blamed on conservative ideals and limited government liberty activists. We shall see in due course. It is unfortunate though how many otherwise very intelligent people within the liberty movement have bought into Trump as a hero on a white horse.

The activists and alternative media are the real heroes. They are the people that pushed liberty philosophy into the mainstream. Trump merely rode the wave that they created. Even if he was a legitimate conservative and constitutionalist (which he is not), the movement doesn’t need his leadership. It never did. The globalists know this and hope to chain us to Trump as he sinks into historical oblivion, destroying us all in the process.



One response to “Trump Is A Pied Piper For The New World Order Agenda, by Brandon Smith

  1. The honorable resistance is an indomitable force. It doesn’t matter who does what or who is behind what, what actors and their agenda, things have gone past that, that train left the station: who is running gangsta government, the one world order, the “federal reserve” it is a wealth strip mining operation, like a casino counting room, a lot goes in, a little comes out. None of it has any bearing on the Legion of dirt people who are the honorable resistance, nor what is inevitable.
    Pretty soon here the Legion is going to turn around and realize it is a Legion, the legitimacy, audacity and motive power of pluralities are like that. They don’t know they are one till all of a sudden they become one. History is rife with tyrants and tyranny who never saw it coming also.
    The thing pundent’s from all quadrants of the political sphere don’t get,

    MAGA isn’t some catchy phrase, not some corny mom and apple pie Murica’! thing, not a cargo cult. It is a consciousness becoming a tangible thing, it is The Zeitgeist, The Paradigm a sea change in thinking and perception of everything, how it fits together, from the false flag bullshit the fuckers have been waging against us to nudge and social engineer everyone, its the intelligentsia, now there is one hell of an oxymoron, brainwashing the youth, to the made men of the organized crime syndicate’s running “our” government, to the Don’s from the Clinton crime syndicate to the red diaper crime babies of the last regime, the neo-cons and neo-bolsheviks and their part of the skim in the casino strip mining us dirt people of our wealth thru endless war.
    Its dawning on the Legion the only wealth exists is what is created by their labor, their industriousness, by the sweat of their brow and their elbow grease, that the casino and its counting racket called the central banks, they strip mine us of the last buck they can extract, and the recent threats of racial pogrom, genocide, underlying threat of force and use of violence, against the productive, if they don’t shut their mouths and comply completely with diktat and defacto law, barely disguised behind a fig leaf of an illusion of legitimacy is not sitting well in the back of millions of minds.
    MAGA IS the Tea Party, The Branch Dividien’s, the leaders of the 1 million bikers who rode into DC, bushwhacked by State hit men in all places Waco Texas. at a IHop to take out the key organizers and make the rest political prisoner’s, its Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, the 2010 elections, its the Bundy Ranch, LeVoy Finnicum’s cold blooded execution in the snow by the same FBI, State sanctioned murderers who burnt 76 woman and children to a fucking crisp in a bunker, and stood on the charred remains for trophy shots, Ben Rich, Benghazi, Davey Crocket Tactical nuke mortar’s smuggled via hillary clinton’s arms pipeline thru Libya to arm the syrian insurgency they created to get rid of Assad who is in the way of the Qatari pipeline to Europe, and control of the Levant.
    Its State actors sent to stop the spread of the truth wherever it is threatening to get loose. The long trail of Clinton dead.

    MAGA is a fucking indictment on the powers that be with a death penalty clause at the end of it.

    After MAGA there is no going back. They crush MAGA, nullify the withdrawal of consent of 65 million Patriots, oust or execute Mr. Trump, America is over. There will not be any saving what it was. It will be a conflagration of saving what needs to be saved, and killing everything else. It will be the only way. Because they stop MAGA, there are only two choices. Get busy being a slave of the Crime Syndicate called The State. Or get busy with total Liberty.
    Of all involved, this Legion is the only thing which has given everything a chance, has quietly gone along with all the bullshit, has tolerated the intolerable because their are larger and better things than just themselves. Something which it has running in its blood. The thing which is what will make the honorable resistance a Legion terrible in its retribution. It can not be reasoned with, it will not bargain, it does not care, it stops when it decides to stop. Because the honorable resistance is made up from the most decent tolerant people on God’s green Earth, when it realizes its power, it becomes indomitable. Nothing can stand in its way. The most reluctant revolutionaries imaginable. Who 4th generation leaderless warfare comes naturally to. It is beginning to understand yes it will get that bad. That gestalt changes the entire dynamic.

    The Honorable Resistance is leaderless resistance, it is an instinctual result of making organized lawful legitimate recourse illegal or an undesirable politically incorrect proscribed thing of radicalism, and unorganized peaceful redress impossible by way of all who do so evil like fascists or racial supremecists It then becomes an inexorable thing. It can not be stopped because of what it is, legitimate petition out of genuine concern and want of peaceful positive change.
    Macaroni and his Brussels bankster pals might as well pour gasoline on the grass roots fire of total non negotiable withdrawal of consent for them and their wealth transfer scheme they are facing in Paris, for all their attempts to stop the resistance to their tyranny. Events have gone past use of force and threat of violence to make people comply. It only hardens their resolve and justifies their reasons to resist in the first instance.
    The swamp had to use every vote fraud trick they had to thwart the withdrawal of consent for that cesspool, they think they pulled a fast one and are now front of the bus and everything. Nothing is further from the truth.

    Excuse me Brandon, if it wasn’t Trump it would be something or somebody else. You totally miss the entire thing. I am calling you out on your piece here. Your wrong. You have wrote some truly great things, I’ve saved everything you published starting back in 2006-7 before you began Alt-Market. You missed the essential, whats manifest, how people become manifest when TINVOWOOT.
    Trump was The Great Fuck You. As those boys said, he is our murder weapon.

    The honorable resistance exists as it does now, because it is beginning to understand when the rule of law is only for the dirt people, well, there is no law, but God’s natural laws. There never was any but God’s, but the polite civil construct we went along with was acceptable if everyone went along.

    Trump and his MAGA agenda is a lot more peaceful, a hell of a great option, regardless any warts or short comings, it is an act of omission at worst, something a heck of a lot better than we all pick up our rifles and start shooting and hanging the fuckers.
    The Trump haters have their heads stuck up each others arses so far, they cant even see the trees, for the forest of the trees.
    The dirt people are all who have ever effected positive change in this world. You dispute that, I dare you to show proof otherwise. The honorable resistance has been around as long as the instrument of centralism and regulatory tyranny was ratified. Patrick Henry was dead nuts right when he smelled a rat and Franklin prescient when he said a republic if you can keep it. They all understood the “Rat” was the removal of God & Scripture from government prerequisite for service within it, leaving open from the gitgo hubris and greed, usurpation of powers, protection from accountability and consequences of evils. It was downhill from there, and today us dirt people look in, we are on the outside, its a private club and we aint invited, hence we can’t change it from the inside, because we are not from the inside, and the only recourse pretty soon, is changing it from the outside. You have to bust in, violently then. That door is all but shut, the way barred, who keep it that way like it that way. That is the 4th turning point.
    And the glue holding it all together, the only sane thing holding this unmitigated fucking biblical disaster from coming apart at the seams, is the honorable resistance. It is the Honorable Resistance that is going to rip it apart at the seams pretty soon here to get at whats inside and rip that into pieces so small it will be centuries if it rises again.

    This is round 3 of the greatest revolution in human history. As Bill Huppert put it secession from tyranny is the only vote that has ever counted.
    I say withdrawal of consent is the most powerful weapon ever devised.


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