Consequences: Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease? (18)

The coronavirus has crested; the economic and political collapse is still gathering strength. The latest abominations:

Global IPO Activity “Has Collapsed” Amid Market Turmoil | Zero Hedge

Majority Of Brits Uncomfortable About Going To Bars, Restaurants; Poll | Zero Hedge

Majority Of Americans Don’t Trust Tech Companies With Contact-Tracing | Zero Hedge

Watch: Video Of NYPD Officer Brutalizing Bystander During ‘Social Distancing’ Arrest Sparks Outrage | Zero Hedge

Data Shows World Rejecting Governments’ Shelter-In-Place Tyranny | Zero Hedge

“We Had 2 Customers All Weekend” – Georgia’s Small Businesses Gripe About “Disastrous” Reopening | Zero Hedge

There Is Now A Record 375 Million Barrels Of Oil Stored On Tankers | Zero Hedge

The Fed’s Balance Sheet Will Expand By 38% Of GDP, More Than Double QE1, 2 And 3 Combined | Zero Hedge

Newsom Says California Went From Surplus To ‘Tens Of Billions In Deficit’ In Weeks, Won’t Get By Without Federal Help | Zero Hedge

Tadawful: Saudi Stocks Crash After FinMin Warns Of “Biggest Crisis In Decades” | Zero Hedge

Global US Dollar Shortage Rises As Emerging Markets Lose Reserves | Zero Hedge

Spain Seeks Another Bailout As Deficit Skyrockets | Zero Hedge

Coronavirus UK: health passports ‘possible in months’ | Politics | The Guardian

April Jobs Report Likely to Show Highest Unemployment Rate on Record – WSJ

Cellphone monitoring is spreading with the coronavirus. So is an uneasy tolerance of surveillance. – SFGate

Heathrow Boss Says “Social Distancing” Will Never Work At Airports | Zero Hedge

Mayor Of Nice Demands “Health Passports” To Enter/Leave France | Zero Hedge

Protests Across California Show You Can Only Push People So Far | Zero Hedge

Neiman Marcus Strikes Bankruptcy Deal With Creditors As ‘Rona Rout Claims Latest Victim | Zero Hedge

US To Borrow A Record $4.4 Trillion In 2020, More Than The Previous Five Years Combined | Zero Hedge

Muscle’d Out: Gold’s Gym Files For Chapter 11 Due To Government Lockdowns | Zero Hedge

California First To Be Approved For Up To $10 Billion Bailout From Feds To Pay Unemployment Benefits | Zero Hedge

Small Businesses, Many Of Which Couldn’t Get PPP Loans, Have “A Few Months Or Less” To Survive | Zero Hedge

Bankrupt Cities And States Get The National Disaster They’ve Been Hoping For | Zero Hedge

The Inevitable Coronavirus Censorship Crisis Is Here | Zero Hedge

US Manufacturers New Orders Crash BY Most Ever (And April Will Be Worse) | Zero Hedge

‘Economic Fallout Accelerated’ – Hong Kong Records Worst Contraction In History | Zero Hedge

Meat Shortages Leave Wendy’s Diners Asking, ‘Where’s the Beef?’

Fever-reading drones just first of a wave of privacy challenges, civil liberties advocates say

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