This Pedestal is Reserved, by Galicant Wiseword

A different perspective on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, from Galicant Wiseword at

You probably will not like what I have to say about Kenosha Kyle so maybe we should start with some common ground.

Do you love your nation?  Do you hate tyranny and big government shuttering your business and church  to perpetuate a lie?  I do.

Do you think police should be held accountable when they act dishonorably?  Do you think that black life matters but realize that BLM is a billion-dollar front of a Marxist revolution?  We agree.

Do you think some kid who has either trained extensively with his rifle or got extremely lucky should be heralded as a national hero because he wasted two commie pawns?  Do you think his character and intentions that night are irrelevant compared to his ability to clear a jam while being assaulted by a skateboard?   Let’s talk.

To start with, I need to tell you about a few completely different self-defense shootings from the past year.  Read that last line twice because I’m not going to bother correcting you if you get the two mixed up and embarrass yourself in the comments.

One happened a little over a month ago in Austin TX.  Protestors were marching down the street to demand accountability for the murder of an EMS/first responder in Kentucky.  In the middle of the night, several heavily armed men broke into her home and shot her while she slept.  They shot her boyfriend who, woken up in the middle of the night as his door burst in, leveled a gun at them in self-defense.  He lived but was charged briefly with attempted murder.  His charges were dropped, but those directly responsible for Breonna Taylors death, although known by all, have yet to be arrested, charged, fired or probably even scolded movie-style by a clichéd angry police chief.

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