We’re All in This Together . . . by Eric Peters

No, we are not all in this together. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:


An easy way to establish the fatuity –  the evil – at the core of what’s going on would be to apply it universally.

Every “lockdown” applies to everyone – including every politician and every government worker. If anyone is forced by decree to stop earning their living then everyone is forced to stop earning their living. The big box stores are shuttered, too.

Aren’t we “all in this together”?

Of course, “we” aren’t. There is the essential class – which issues and enforces the “mandates” – which it is important to constantly repeat are not laws but literally the arbitrary decrees of politicians grown fat, like blood-gorged ticks, with limitless power somehow acquired in the name of gesund even though we’re healthy, thanks – and there is the rest of us, deemed non-essential.

We are supposed to just make do; figure out a way to keep a roof over our heads and food in the ‘fridge – without a paycheck. Or a third of one. To pay 100 percent of our mortgages/rent and power bills and so on.

Shutter our businesses; send our employees home to do nothing — while their bills pile up.

The essentials  lecture, finger-point – and enforce. But never miss a paycheck. Which we are forced to pay for.

Their bills do not go unpaid. There is no sacrifice by those demanding it – the usual practice of the coercive sector as distinct from the private sector. The latter can only ask for your business; the former can force you to close it – and then make you pay them for doing it.

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