Stop It! by T.L. Davis

Secession is the only feasible road to freedom. From T.L. Davis at

It’s time to stop. People who criticize Q for being a method of quelling the masses offer little difference when they speak of keeping oaths and defending the republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. None of it is happening.

The most logical and rational meme is that “no one is coming to save you.” Also, no one is going to save the republic. There are a lot of reasons for this, good, logical reasons. One is that the chances of a patriot surviving the first conversation with a federal agent are slim and none. Who knows who they are, they have infiltrated every situation. Suddenly, the patriot is carted off for conspiracy of something. So, there is no one to trust.

The reason for this is that the war has been raging for decades. The enemy is inside the lines. In fact, they are the lines. Those who hate America as founded and hate those who adhere to the founding are using the prison system as POW camps. No one has tried to stop these agencies from doing what they do. The truth is, they won. The declaration by the DHS that identified Trump supporters as “domestic terrorists” (up to 80 million people) proves that they won. All without our side having to exhibit heroism.

We are now a communist nation. This is proved by the fact that they are starting mop-up operations against what little opposition remains. Two keys to that are:

  • 1) Someone who wrote a humorous meme during the 2016 election about being able to vote via text is arrested and facing 10 years in a POW camp. (see how long they hold onto their hate? More than four years)
  • 2) The person who forged official government documents to facilitate the FISA warrant that allowed spying on Trump’s political campaign is given 100 hours of community service. (the only purpose was to steal the 2016 election)

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One response to “Stop It! by T.L. Davis

  1. The state constitution of NC expressly forbids secession. I wonder how many more southern states are under the same prohibition.


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