Always Remember to Never Forget, by Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Keep you eyes on your principles and disregard the 99 percent of existence that is trivial and false. From Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

While speaking to some female business professionals the other day, the topic of Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was broached.  During the interview, Markle made a veiled accusation of racism against the British Royal Family and the ladies with whom I was speaking seemed to think it was quite the scandal.

It was obvious the women sided with Markle in the royal feud and, for reasons unknown at the time, I decided to expand the conversation a day or two later via e-mail.  I sent them a link of an article describing why “Meghan Markle is a perfect representation of what has happened to our civilization a whole”.  I explained to them that I couldn’t care less about the British Royal Family in general, or the fallout from the recent Meghan Markle interview – but the article (linked above) was, in my view, “another perspective on the fracas”.

The above-linked article also contains some choice words of condemnation against Markle by British broadcaster and journalist, Piers Morgan:

Having had personal experience, on a very small scale, of Meghan Markle’s ruthlessness when dispensing of anyone in her life that’s ceased to be of use to her, it was no great shock to see her lighting a gigantic bonfire that will surely cause irreparable damage to her husband’s family.

After all, she’s torched all her own family, along with her ex-husband and most of her old friends.

This was the acting performance of her life, with every word, every facial expression carefully planned and choreographed.

One of the ladies replied that Piers Morgan seemed obsessed with Markle and had, supposedly, tweeted against Markle scores of times during the previous week.

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