White Men: The Kulaks of the 21st Century, by GenZConservative

Totalitarians always need villains to justify their repression and to set citizen against citizen. From GenZConservative at genzconservative.com:

The Left is Turning White Men into Modern Day Kulaks

As Stalin solidified his hold on the Soviet Union and began his industrialization policies, one of the first groups he targeted was the “kulak” class of peasants. Before his regime, that term was used only sparingly and toward the end of the Russian Empire and was meant to describe peasants with over 8 acres of land. In other words, it wasn’t a real distinction. There were peasants and slightly more prosperous peasants, but they weren’t anymore a class than the manager of a gas station is of a different social class than his employees.

But to Stalin and his cronies, as with most socialists, the facts were no reason to throw away a possible path to more power. He transformed what “kulak” meant, turning the term from a sparsely used one denoting slightly more material wealth than was typical of a peasant to “a vague reference to property ownership among peasants who were considered “hesitant” allies of the revolution.”

That change let Stalin embark on some of his greatest horrors. Before the term was changed, the peasants were united as a group. They suffered together, lived together, and helped each other. After Stalin’s war on the kulaks began, the Russian people broke. Neighbor accused neighbor, friend accused friend, even family members accused each other of being the most evil of all things: a kulak.

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