There Will Be A Reckoning, by Southern Sage

It Got Serious In A Hurry” didn’t it? The Biden administration is doing so many stupid things, compounding previous administrations’ stupid things, that something’s got to give. From Southern Sage at

Truth is truth To the end of reckoning | Picture Quotes

There will be a reckoning, and that right soon. It is obvious to any thinking person who has held any position of power or authority -in the military, in the intelligence world, the senior ranks of the police, or in critical posts in the civil government or major businesses – that a catastrophe looms.

I do not know if it will be a financial collapse, a military debacle, or a political disaster that degenerates into country-wide violence (or all three), but it is coming. Let me say that many of the people in these senior positions are not thinking people, as recently proven by the publication of a letter by more than one hundred such dolts urging Congress to “investigate” the justified outrage of the American people sparked by the 2020 election farce.

If I thought it was just a cynical Bronx cheer directed at the patriotic people of America I would merely be disgusted. In fact, these high-ranking morons actually believe what they say. I know some of them and the ones I know are utterly clueless about the real state of the country. They sincerely believe every word a Don Lemon or Jake Tapper or Jim Acosta says.

I know some people look to the 2022 or 2024 elections to turn things around. That is a waste of time. Only a Biblical train wreck will give us the opportunity to fight back, and not with Tweets or angry letters to the editor. The only thing the monsters who run this country will understand is force and merciless justice being dealt out to them.

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One response to “There Will Be A Reckoning, by Southern Sage

  1. The only thing the monsters who run this country will understand is force and merciless justice being dealt out to them.

    This is the bind the governed are all in. It seems to me that the only thing those in charge fear is being killed. But most people have pro-social values, are law-abiding, and moral, so this is a course they do not wish to follow. Those who rule have no such inhibition on killing or attacking anyone they decide is their enemy being anyone who is opposed to their criminal, immoral and exploitative acts. Unless an individual is directly physically attacked and has the means to defend himself he doesn’t even have the flimsy defence of self-defence.

    The only avenue I see against them is exposing them for what they are. This actually is very powerful – see their urgency in bringing about wholesale censorship. But being disarmed in every sense of the word while the scum of the world jerk everyone around, oh, for an effective, once and for all solution for dealing with these monsters.


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