It Got Serious In A Hurry, by Robert Gore

He’s a joke, but nobody’s laughing.

Trump’s five years were fun. He said things that provoked outrage among all the right people, often because they were true. You could laugh at their hypocritical idiocies, hysterical posturing, and sputtering anger. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, anyone who can watch Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow without laughing has a heart of stone. Frothing anger fueled effort after effort to depose Trump until success was realized with overblown pandemic panic, riots, and a clearly rigged election. If nothing else, Trump exposed the mendacity, arrogance, incompetence, venality, and criminality of the Corruptocracy.

Reality doesn’t invert. A corollary is that the severity of consequences from an inversion is the square of the distance between the inversion and reality. Consider the US military. It has disregarded the realities of the wars it has fought—the relative difficulty of invasion versus defense, the deadly effectiveness of guerrilla warfare and insurgency, the corruption, tyranny, and lack of domestic support for our puppets, and so on—losing every conflict since WWII, often after lengthy and in some cases ongoing engagements.

The current crop of corruptocrats have introduced yet another inversion in the military, the woke inversion. The military will now be graded on its commitment to combat-irrelevant factors: the racial, ethnic, gender, sexual preferences and political creeds of its forces, and their professed fealty to regnant political dogma. In other words, “diversity” in everything but thought.

This inversion is huge and given the distance squared corollary, it will soon render the armed forces incapable of fighting even a war for the protection of the United States proper. Given its ineptitude fighting offensive wars, the military will be completely useless. The defense budget, however, will grow ever more bloated.

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Joe Biden aspired to mediocrity in his prime and it’s been downhill ever since. As for Kamala Harris: some are born hacks, some achieve hackness, and some have hackness thrust upon them. She’s all three. They and their string-pullers have taken things from fun to serious—deadly serious—in a little over two months.

Biden’s first executive order, shutting down the Keystone pipeline, set the tone. In the beautiful illusion that constitutes woke energy policy, renewable but intermittent solar and wind will soon replace fossil fuels, so why do we need fossil fuels and their pipelines (the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to transport oil and gas). Everything will be electric—like those cool Teslas!—because electricity just comes from a plug.

Never mind the fossil fuels, minerals and metals that must be extracted or mined (nothing environmentally destructive there) to manufacture and transport solar panels, windmills blades, and batteries. Never mind the costly environmental challenges of disposing of them. Never mind the fossil fuels that are burned to provide the electricity for those plugs. Never mind the back-up power that must be supplied by fossil fuels for those times when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

There’s blame enough to go around and lessons to be learned from the recent Texas weather and energy fiasco. One lesson that hasn’t been learned in woke energy circles is that it’s going to be a long time and many technological developments before fossil fuels are replaced by renewables. Until that day arrives, fossil fuels will remain an essential part of the mix and the ultimate back-up.

For political inverts who are fully woke but don’t know the difference between kilowatts and megawatts, it’s always just a matter of passing a law, promulgating a regulation, or signing an executive order. In their world, waving those wands makes it so. You want to get rid of fossil fuels? Decree them banished. Who cares about the consequences? Consequences will only matter to those employed by, invested in, supplying to, or buying power from the fossil fuel industry. They number in the millions and their dollars in the trillions, but many of them are ideologically retrograde, running-dog deplorables. Let ‘em freeze or swelter in the dark.

It’s a good thing the government has unlimited riches, it can just buy its way out of energy shortfalls or any other difficulties. The federal government produces unlimited fiat debt instruments (FDIs)—Treasury debt—and the central bank buys them with its unlimited FDIs—Federal Reserve Notes, aka dollars.

This exchange of imaginary money supposedly creates wealth effects that have replaced boring old savings, capital investment, and entrepreneurial activity as drivers of the economy. Asset prices elevate, the government’s GDP statistics hum while its inflation statistics slumber, and the rest of the world accepts FDIs for real goods and services. There’s even snake oil peddled by PhDs that blesses all this: Modern Monetary Theory. Wealth for all—without boring old work and deferred gratification—is just around the corner.

From the dwindling ranks of the reality-bound come those inevitable objections. The key word in fiat debt instruments is debt, which carries an obligation to pay it back sometime in the future. They can’t honestly pay back the debt they have now, why are they adding to it? The key word is honestly. The plan is to issue so many FDIs that they depreciate the value of existing ones, making them easier to pay back. None dare call it a swindle.

That millions of people and institutions stand on the other side of trades with a government that can, has, and will continue to swindle them through FDI debasement is one of the great mysteries of our time. That they do so while accepting only 1.7 percent interest for ten years as inflation runs well above that denotes not just inversion, but outright insanity.

Insanity chases its own tail: issuing more FDIs to pay off interest and principle on old FDIs simply adds to the mountain of unpayable FDIs. For those tethered to boring old common sense—yes, that will drive the FDIs’ value to zero, a process already 99 percent complete since institution of the FDI system in 1913.

When it requires a pickup truck to carry the paper FDIs necessary to buy a tank of gas for it (if gas-powered vehicles and paper FDIs are still allowed), won’t that hurt a lot of ordinary people, even many who are not ideologically retrograde, running-dog deplorables? Why, yes it will, but that’s just another reason to institute privacy-and liberty-obliterating electronic currency—it’s not paper and it’s easier to add more zeros—and outlaw its competition, privacy-and-liberty-protective precious metals and cryptocurrencies. Regardless of the form of currency in which it occurs, hyperinflation will be the penultimate act before collapse and its attendant hyperdeflation.

When you’re drowning the world in FDIs, boring old common sense suggests that you try to keep the real economy’s head above water, just so there are some goods and services for sale, even if their prices are relentlessly rising. However, raising taxes, new regulations, and maintaining the panoply of Covid-19 restrictions means less production and consequently, fewer goods and services being chased by an ever-increasing number of FDIs, boosting prices. Unfortunately, those are high priority action items on Washington’s agenda.

Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are two reality-bound, common sense-tethered gentlemen who have taken their measure of the US government and concluded it’s stacked with idiots and led by an imbecile (Biden or Harris, take your pick). They may be ruthless autocrats, as they’re often portrayed, but they also know where they are and what they’re doing. One should probably take their avowals that they seek multipolar Kumbaya with a shaker of salt. However, subordination to a US-dominant unipolar world order is completely unacceptable.

Biden calls Putin a killer and his idiots read Chinese officials the riot act, thus confirming Putin and Xi’s assessment of Biden. After decades of feckless regime changes, failed invasions, never-ending sanctions, subterfuge, espionage, corrupt client governments and the like, Washington’s pet think tanks profess mystification as to why the Belt and Road Initiative plays better in Eurasia than bullets, bombs, banking bans, bribes, bullshit, and belligerent bombast. Yet, the dramatic new Biden foreign policy is . . . more of the same, with a special twist—amp up the pressure, sanctions, and propaganda against Russia and China.

It’s the school-yard bully taunting the kid with a black belt (Putin has a black belt in judo, by the way). Biden speaks loudly and has thrown the big stick into the political correctness rubbish heap. Only countries upon which the US has showered its FDIs pretend to go along. They have their own FDI and impending collapse problems, and they’ll play both ends against the middle when it suits their interests. From their own hard experience with wind and solar power, Germany recognizes that the future of energy isn’t going to be entirely “green.” Bet on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline getting finished.

Teasing black belts who can respond with hypersonic flying kicks is moronic. Russia and China both claim weapons of mass destruction to which the US military has no defenses. Maybe they’re bluffing, but why are Biden and company running the risk of learning the hard way they’re not?

Most of the critics of US policy argue we have to make Kumbaya with them to address pressing problems like varying temperatures and flu viruses. Because such problems happen globally, they supposedly require global solutions. (Corruption happens globally, too, but you don’t see any calls for a global effort against that.) You don’t have to buy into the globaloney, but live and let live is a far better policy than pointless confrontation and brinksmanship that could lead to war and possible species annihilation. That would be a global problem, at least for our species.

Putin and Xi have also taken a look at the US currency and decided they’ll let someone else play the greater fool. They are leading a drive away from dollar-based trade and capital flows, divesting US FDI’s, and buying gold. They’re not paying heed to every western politicians’ favorite economist, John Maynard Keynes (a statist through and through), who called gold a “barbarous relic.”

Next thing you know Biden will be calling the Russians and Chinese Neanderthals, a favorite pejorative. If a fondness for gold, a tried and true store of value, makes one a Neanderthal, what does a fondness for FDIs—conjured by fiat and secured only by promises from politicians not to produce too many of them—put you in the evolutionary line? Homo habilis? Homo erectus? Ape?

Keynes also said, “In the long run we are all dead.” True enough, but a government that undermines its country’s energy base, economy, currency, debt, and military, and antagonizes not one but two powerful rivals could be pulling that long run way forward.

These aren’t mere political issues, they’re survival issues. Lights don’t come on, economies crash, hyperinflation happens, wars are lost, people die. Biden, Harris, and cohorts are making and amplifying mistakes their predecessors have made for decades. It’s long odds betting that potentates will admit their mistakes, even privately to themselves, and longer odds that they’ll learn anything from them. The difference between Biden, Harris, and company and their predecessors is that they—and we—might not survive theirs.

38 responses to “It Got Serious In A Hurry, by Robert Gore

  1. We can survive, but only if we make certain that the foolish traitors in DC and NY don’t, and we must do it very soon.


  2. ‘One lesson that hasn’t been learned in woke energy circles is that it’s going to be a long time and many technological developments before fossil fuels are replaced by renewables.’
    No, never…The laws of physics, especially entropy, make it impossible for intermittent alternate energy to replace a steady supply of dense energy …

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yet another example of retrograde thinking. Who says we have to obey the laws of physics?


    • IMHO the powers that be know perfectly well that their woke energy endeavors will not work. They are not intended to work. They want people to lack any mobility, via their insane electric cars, which do not allow even modest range and they want them enslaved by catastrophic home energy costs so they cannot be anything but slaves. As an added bonus the elites can count on many common people losing their lives as a result of their woke policies.

      WIN WIN for them.


  3. Great article, Bob. Sad that those who need it, never will read it, or if they did, would never understand it. It might hurt their feelings.


    • My day isn’t complete until I hurt at least one twit’s feelings. I hoping this article will allow me to put some days in the bank.


  4. Great analysis, Robert!!
    Linked as usual @


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  6. Robert…Are you hinting that electricity doesn’t just come from the plug in my wall!? My gawd!!!


  7. what does a fondness for FDIs—conjured by fiat and secured only by promises from politicians not to produce too many of them—put you in the evolutionary line? Homo habilis? Homo erectus? Ape?

    Maybe “Homo Homo”? 🙂


  8. the ‘woke’ military will be composed of those who hate the half of the nation that simply wants to be left alone and WILL SHOOT AMERICAN CITIZENS IF ORDERED TO DO SO. there is no other REAL reason for doing what is being done.


  9. The unifying theory (at least mine), is that a long time ago, the deep state realized there was no hope to save the country, so they sold it off to the highest bidder and commenced to line their pockets with cash by increasing the debt to a foreign entity. The money flowed out as foreign aid with the appropriate kickback to the politicians (both parties) to spread the wealth. Years later, when the debt became ridiculously large, that entity put a call in on what it was owed and here we are today. the final sell off is happening as we speak, so the elites are dumbing down the military to make the invasion less bloody and preparing the people for a life in chains that began with the wearing of a mask.

    I’ll leave it to you to guess who the mysterious entity is.


  10. SUPERB work, Sir.
    This article on MMT and associated issues is a good read.
    NEVER forget that the FED has ONLY One mandate, not the total pabulum B.S. for the masses of stable monetary regime and full employment.


  11. “My day isn’t complete until I hurt at least one twit’s feelings.”
    Thank you! That statement just made my day!


  12. Excellent. How about a trilogy, with Part II addressing our cultural self-destruction and Part III about the even more un-PC subject of our demographic hara-kiri.


  13. SemperFi, 0321

    It’s not about winning or losing wars, it’s about keeping them going as long as possible for the MIC, banksters and politicians. There’s money to be made from every bullet, bomb, and body.


    • No truer words were ever typed.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        The level of stupid among the masses is staggering, they’re clueless that they’re farmed as tax cattle and cannon fodder, and return the favor by cheerleading for their executioners.
        How many people today are clamoring for war with China, not realizing they’re being played by the media into the hands of the MIC again? 1939 all over again.


  14. marley engvall

    What you refer to as combat-irrelevant political dogma is actually quite relevant to the modern battlefield. The days of rolling heavy machinery around the oil-fields of the Middle East are coming to an end, that infrastructure now becoming totally unsustainable. The battle now is a rearguard action for hearts and minds, largely in the domestic sphere, for the perpetuation of the big Ponzi scheme, the ever-flowing stream of corporate pork, and to maintain the myth of American exceptionalism. It will take place on television screens, in schools and and churches and corporate boardrooms, in families, and in the bedroom. This big-tent, rainbow-coalition approach is totally cynical and disingenuous, doomed to failure by its rank hypocrisy, to be abandoned at earliest convenience, but in the short term, an invaluable weapon for establishing false moral high-ground and shrilly shouting down every form of well-reasoned dissent.



    Great observations, Robert. The only thing I would alter is the reference to the Escort-In-Chief: “Some women are born great, others have greatness thrust into them.” (H/T to Esquire magazine, describing Margaret Trudeau).


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  17. Marley: There WAS such a thing as American exceptionalism! It arose from the unique grasp of individual rights, their attempt to be implemented and secured politically, and the resulting “spirit” – if not soul, of earlier Americans.

    The attempt has temporarily failed, but in my mind, the entire American “experiment” of the recognition of the inherent right of the individual to be “sovereign” – as opposed to fabricated groups of them, represents the future of humanity.

    Should it not, then, as Churchill remarked, “The dark ages will return on the gleaming wings of science!”



  18. Please refrain adopting & using language from the woketards, i.e. “fossil fuels”. While that may be an apt descriptor for coal, other mined/extracted combustible energy sources have really nothing to do with “fossils”.

    The intent of the newspeak term of course is to condemn anyone using such fuels by association, to the point that only the woketard sanctioning of the blessed renewables – wind & solar – escape condemnation. Even wood as a heating source is reviled as “fossil fuel”, with hydro power falling close behind.


  19. How can i fly overseas without a vaccine passport? I do not and will not take one. Any ideas Robert?


    • I’m in the same position as you are, but unfortunately, I’m bereft of brilliant or even not-so-brilliant ideas. If not flying overseas is the price I have to pay for not getting the shot, it’s the price I’ll pay.


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  22. Religion in China –
    China officially recognizes several world religions.
    Judas-ism isn’t one of them.
    That’s because it’s not a religion.
    It’s a satanic, criminal conspiracy/cult.
    It’s obvious to all who care to look.
    Just do a quick study of their “holiest” book, the talmud.

    Must read:


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  24. You are incorrect about the Left being incompetent or crazy. Everything they do makes perfect sense once you realize their goal is power.

    A “woke” military isn’t about social progress, it’s about staffing it, especially the upper echelons, with those who will be die-hard loyalists of the regime rather than the nation and it’s people.

    There is no need to worry about invasion when one has nukes, and most of the world is being run by the same people behind the US.


  25. “He said things that provoked outrage among all the right people, often because they were true.”

    Really Robert, “true”… examples?.


    • Come on, Harris. I believe you are sincere, but arguing with those who ask for proof that white is white and green is green is a waste of time. If you don’t get such a salient truth as in the passage you challenge it’s really too much work to change your mindset.


      • Max, like others here, your disingenuous sophistry is laughable.
        Two points, it was a simple question, and Robert, who is the author of this “blog” should answer, not his flunkies.


        • I have no idea who the author of the article you challenge is and this is my first time on his website. But when I see a mental zombie waddling by I have to alert the crowd passing by; it’s my citizen’s duty. Get thee to Salon and MSNBC where you belong rather than trolling here.


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