The Best Vaccination against the Pandemic of Deceit, by Vinay Kohlhatkar

If it’s coming from the government, academia, the mainstream media, Hollywood, the social media giants or other large corporations, assume it’s a lie until proven otherwise. From Vinay Kohlhatkar at

If parasitism, favoritism, corruption, and greed for the unearned did not exist, a mixed economy would bring them into existence.

Ayn Rand, “The Pull Peddlers,” Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal

In 2020, many opened up to the reality of the establishment playing us. Even for those who already knew, the breadth and scope of the cytokine storm of the attempt at “manufacturing consent” must have come as a revelation—it did to me. The establishment (which includes most politicians, the bureaucracy, academe, mass media, and their cronies) went into such overdrive to blank out any countering opinions that it became obvious that a “fabricated reality” was being presented to us.

In effect, because all mass media (with very few exceptions) and nation-states joined the global bandwagon of manufactured narratives, it was no longer a local epidemic. Deceit-2020 is now a full-fledged pandemic of lies. It is way bigger than COVID-19.

A Consensus of Lies

The fabricated realities are now everywhere: from virology to economics to agriculture. However, since the list is way too long, we will look only at three illustrations.

(1) The Virology Consensus—a dismissal of the efficacy of HCQ and ivermectin … because … everyone must be masked, socially distanced, and vaccinated … and afterward, still be susceptible to being masked and socially distanced at will.

In 2020, governments severed the physician-patient bond. Globally. Without precedent.

None of us is an expert at everything. But it’s we who select experts for ourselves. We can get it wrong—for ourselves and those for whom we are guardians. But are we clever enough, responsible enough, that we can be entrusted to choose whose counsel we seek? After all, we know ourselves far better than any government would. Clearly, we have our best interest at heart. Which money manager can we entrust our pension management to? Whose legal counsel shall we seek? Which electrician? Which plumber? Most critically, which physician?

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