The Effect of Electrification on the Not-Electric, by Eric Peters

We’re going to be driving electric vehicles whether we want to or not. From Eric Peters at


Audi announced the other day it will only sell electric cars by 2026 – which is less than five years from now. What does this mean for those who own non-electric Audis today? Should anyone consider buying a new Audi right now that isn’t electric?

Maybe – and maybe not.

The answers to these questions (you’ll find them below) go beyond just Audi since a number of other car companies – including Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and Mercedes (as well as VW, which is the parent company of Audi) have announced similar “commitments” – as it is being styled – to building only or at least partially electric cars (i.e., hybrids) within just a few years from now.

These “commitments” reflect political realities.

Note that most of the car brands “committing” to full-line electrification sooner rather than later are European brands. In Europe, it is already almost impossible to sell cars that aren’t at least partially electric because it is almost impossible to comply with the emissions regulations currently in force there that only have engines.

Soon, it will be impossible.

You can’t sell what you’re not allowed to manufacture for sale. Which will be literally, in Europe, by just a few years from now. The UK, France and Germany have or are in the process of enacting outright bans on the sale of cars that aren’t electric by as soon as 2030. Given that looming deadline, it makes little sense to continue investing in the design of not-electric cars today.

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