The Mania of 2021, by Paul Rosenberg

Manias rarely end well. From Paul Rosenberg at

There are times that not only try men’s souls, but warp them.

Westerners of our generations never believed that mass manias could re-appear, but we’re living through one right now, and against my wishes I feel a need to address it; not as a victim or a participant, but as an observer.

Manias – mass warpings of the human soul – are clearly not something we’ve outgrown. Granted, the mania of 2021 has required immense technological assistance, and so it may be that we have improved… that only technological abuse could give rise to such a mania in our time… but here we are all the same.

As for calling this a mania, I have no qualms using the term: Abdication of judgment is pandemic these days:

    • Naked and open racism – “We know you’re bad because of the color of your skin” – is proclaimed proudly and defiantly.
    • Group attacks on dissenters, though virtual rather than physical, occur continually, embodying a level of sadism that I’d rather not describe.

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