Situation Report, by Hardscrabble Farmer

The entire response to Covid has been contrary to both nature and common sense. From Hardscrabble Farmer at

I don’t get out that often. Farming requires a constant set of eyeballs on the herds and flocks as well as a fair degree of labor regardless of the season. Throughout the past year and half as the rest of the world seemed to have descended into a collective psychosis over an annual flu bug I watched from a comfortable distance, not only in the physical sense, but psychologically as well. I began to pay attention to the developing narrative very early in January of 2020 when most people were going about their lives blithely unaware of the developing storm clouds building on the horizon.

I am not combative by nature, but generally affable and easygoing with others. As the early adopters of the masks began their paranoid devotions, I simply kept my distance and went about my business without comment. I firmly believe in the right of self-determination and that everyone has the ability to make decisions for themselves without being compelled by threats of force or other more pernicious forms of coercion. When the first mandates went into effect, I disregarded them as illogical and irrational and continued to go about my life as I had previously.

I’m not sure why no one ever bothered me, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I know where I am going and what I am doing and give off vibe of someone on a mission. The children always enjoyed going shopping with me rather than my wife because when I enter a store, I select what I came for and exit promptly. The socializing, the aimless drifting from one aisle to the next has never held any fascination for me and I move about around the rest of the shoppers like a border collie amongst the herds.

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