Slowly But Surely, The Stupid Is Failing, by Karl Denninger

Way too slowly, unfortunately. From Karl Denninger at

t is slowly dawning on all the different entities, including health care, that if they actually try to enforce jab mandates they’re going to be screwed.  Some of this is very visible already if you know where to look.  Hospitals report “staffed and available” ICU (and regular) beds.  For a bed to be usable legally-mandated staffing levels must be present.  Beds don’t “disappear” in a hospital; you don’t make the building larger or smaller, do you?

Nope — it’s all about staff levels.


There has already been a contraction — and the mandates aren’t, for the most part, in effect yet.  In a few places they’ve fired people.  In others they’re threatening to.  The problem, beyond being sued and losing, is that they can’t actually make good on the threats without immediately detonating any chance of being able to help the poor bastard who has a heart attack a week later — and people are already leaving over these demands.

Witness what just happened in Chicago.  Lightfoot mandated jabs for everyone in the schools; a large number of bus drivers quit.  Now what?  No school bus for your kids, that’s what!  The city is claiming Uber and Lyft will be provided; uh huh, good luck there because, guess what — neither mandates their drivers be jabbed!

And don’t kid yourself — those arguing that Jacobson, a USSC decision centering on smallpox from 1905, a disease with a 30% fatality rate, are flat-out wrong on several levels.

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