Will They Ever Undiaper? by Eric Peters

It’s very difficult to separate adherents from their cult. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Do you remember when you saw your first Effaced Face?

For me, it was around January of 2020 – at the Sweet Donkey Coffee shop, where I used to spend a few hours almost every day with my laptop, working in what was then the pleasant company of other people, coming and going. The background sounds – and sights – of normal life, as it will never be again.

I can pinpoint the moment when that pleasant normalcy ended, probably forever. I glanced up from what I was working on and saw my first weaponized hypochondriac. This woman, wearing a device over her face that I had never seen on anyone’s face – other than Michael Jackson’s – outside of a surgical suite. I saw the fear in her eyes as she scuttled away from the counter, clutching her coffee – quickly exiting the shop. It amused and saddened me at first. On the one hand, this woman was clearly out of her mind with fear, such that she would walk around with a dust mask over her face. On the other, her fear wasn’t strong enough to prevent her from risking death – in her mind – by entering a plague den, to get a cup of coffee.

Textbook DSM hypochondria.

There went a mentally ill person, I though to myself. I never could have imagined, at the time, how quickly this illness would spread. Nor how intractable it would prove.

Today, almost two years later, there are tens of millions of such mentally ill people walking around – and driving around, alone in their cars except for their faithful companion, the comforting rag they wear, everywhere. Over and over, again. The effusions of their noses and mouths collecting in the nasty fabric. People don’t wear the same pair of underwear as long – and wash them more often.

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