The Big Tell, by James Howard Kunstler

So now even somebody in the mainstream media has acknowledged that the vaccinated, who often unknowingly carry high viral loads, can be a threat to the unvaccinated. Gives me an excuse not to be with a lot of people I’d rather not be with anyway. From James Howard Kunstler at

The Arizona election audit climaxed Friday in the new mode of history-in-the-making: direct deposit in the memory hole‚ proving only (and conclusively) that this is the age of Anything Goes and Nothing Matters. The corporate media played the story as a fart in a windstorm for its audience of the avidly credulous. Nothing to see, folks, move along….

A closer review of the audit results reveals at least 57,000 ballots out-of-order in one way or another and evidence of county officials tampering with digital election records prior to the audit. These matters are now referred by the AZ Senate to the AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich, known in the past for slow-walking difficult issues. However, Brnovich is running for the US Senate in 2022, and has sent signals that he will take criminal complaints seriously.

In any case, the MAGA crowd didn’t get the hoped-for thumping victory over manifest evil that it wanted and the janky election of 2020 will probably be drowned by the next wave of developments in what is looking an awful lot like the deliberate torpedoing of Western Civ. The 2020 election, after all, was a procedural matter (if at the highest level of national procedure), but what lies ahead are much more life-or-death matters: will you make a living? Will you remain healthy? Will you get enough to eat? Will you have a roof over your head? Will you stay out prison? Stuff like that.

All of it is hard to sort out under an onslaught of official tyranny and relentless propaganda. The effort to vax-up the recalcitrant vax-no-thank-you half of America got some pushback on Friday when a federal appeals court issued a temporary injunction against NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s order to compel vaccination of all public-school teachers. That quarrel moves swiftly to a three-judge panel for another ruling scheduled for Wednesday. If the order is changed back to max vax, it’ll hasten the death of a chronically ill school system that for decades only pretended to educate kids.

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One response to “The Big Tell, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. This guy puts in a good argument but so far he is completely wrong at least time-wise. I have read many of his books.


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