Segregation Revisited, by Eric Peters

In a free society, people can peacefully associate and transact with whomever they please. From Eric Peters at

Americans used to oppose segregation – the legalized exclusion of a category of people from mainstream society (and commerce) based on the idiotic and evil assertion that every member of the outcast category was a potential danger and for that reason they all had to be kept at arm’s length.

Even contrary to the wishes of people who wanted to extend their hand.

Many Americans now seem to favor a Vaccinated Only society, in which a whole category of people – those who’ve declined to be forced to take the Jab, for sound practical and hugely important principled reasons – are to be forcibly excluded from the general society. This is no less evil (or imbecilic) a measure than remanding blacks to “Colored” water fountains – and so on.

But there is an interesting difference, this time.

In the days of legalized racial segregation – and even today – few object to voluntary segregation. It is certainly not illegal. Well, provided it is practiced by a politically protected category of people.

There are entirely black fraternities, for instance – and even black-only (or mostly) colleges and universities. And there is nothing wrong with this – if the principle is respected that all people have the right to freely associate, on whatever basis.

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