The Waiting Is The Hardest Part, by James Howard Kunstler

Things are moving, albeit too slowly for some of us, to some sort of a unsettling confrontation in the great vaccination debate. From James Howard Kunstler at

Ol’ Tom Petty sure got that right: the waiting is the hardest part. The lines are drawn: vaxed on one side and unvaxed on the other. Can it be that the unvaxed know rather specifically what the dangers of the vax actually are? That they are making a rational decision, taking a stand, against a toxic hacking of their immune systems and systemic damage to their organs? It’s not that hard to understand, after all. Those spike proteins can kill you, if not right away, then steadily, steadily over the weeks and months. So, now we’re left to wait as the light wanes and we slide into fretful darkness.

And can it be that that the vaxed are so clue-deprived that they have not seen the news? Sure, information was suppressed pretty tightly for two years since this madness started, but the news media, turns out, is as leaky as the mRNA vaccines. If you were even moderately aware, you could discover that the vaxes create havoc in your bloodstream. It’s right ‘out there,’ documented and for real. But now, if you vaxed up, and you happened to snag a clue since then, you have a powerful incentive for denying that you might have made a mistake and acquired a serious problem. And you have a support group of about half the nation to reinforce that denial and even demonize those unvaxed who keep hectoring you with conspiracy theories. Hard to fathom how much you hate them for it.

It looks like all of Hollywood’s zombie dreams will be coming true: civil war between the walking dead and the rest of us, who, let’s face it, cannot be faulted for getting the spooky feeling that we are being hunted down now. It’s kind of serious when you are deprived of your income, and also of access to all the common activities of daily life. Yet just this weekend we see what could be the opening skirmish, the Bull Run, of this new civil war: the “sick-out” of Southwest Airlines pilots and other employees whom the company is attempting to coerce into vaxing. These Southwest Airline rebels threw quite a spanner in the works. Will the country even understand what happened? Will other vax-averse cohorts of sore-beset employees at other companies follow? Wait….

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One response to “The Waiting Is The Hardest Part, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. SW Airlines, and its seemingly unique weekend chaos represents the “surfacing” of the issue.

    At the “root” of this issue lies two facts, neither of which is cited in the on-going and conflicted information/commentary.

    The first is the moral/legal/political state of “responsibility.” The second is the current state of one specific manifestation of the first: financial responsibility.
    The former is manifested in who can/might/should be held accountable when “undeserved” hardship befalls one of us – in this case, who might be held financially accountable when someone comes down with or dies from COVID. It is a virtual certainty that the motivation to implement mandatory vaccinations within a publicly-held company by its Board or CEO stems from the potential exposure to being held accountable for “damages” through “negligence.” But it is not the ONLY motivation.

    The second one stems from politics. The fact that the current administration demands that everyone must be vaccinated. It is understood that such a sweeping, compulsory, and “universal” mandate would trigger all manner of dire consequences. Therefore, if private employers can be incented to do so instead, said consequences can be, in theory, “diffused.” Alas, such incentive exists.

    You will recall that the airlines were one of the major beneficiaries of a huge amount of cash infusions so as to, ostensibly, prevent massive lay-offs emanating from the mandated shutdowns. I would argue that mass layoffs were only ONE of the reasons, however. There was no way any of the airlines could service their debt in the absence of such cash infusions. Their failure to pay said debts would almost-certainly have triggered cascading defaults, the consequences of which would have been unprecedented. I would argue that the threat of being unable to obtain such continued funding is a stick being held over the heads of said Boards/CEO’s

    Here is the “punch line” of greatest long-term consequence.

    Given the state of our media, my REASONED speculations above will likely never be proven or refuted. I may be precisely correct or laughably wrong – or some combination of both. Few among us will ever KNOW!

    Our cultural decay has assured that if such reasoned speculations are to be confirmed or refuted, they will have to be so-examined “independently.” Someone such as myself will have to spend the time and invest whatever resources necessary to prove them – prove them in such a way that they become indisputable. Who will do it unless it is those paid to do it? Paid to unearth “truth” instead of being paid to support whatever political narrative thought to be the “end” necessitating whatever “means.”

    Meanwhile, facts remain obscured and endlessly disputed, in this case, why SW airlines and their customers are in turmoil, while other airlines are not. Concurrently, our society further “decays.”


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