I Said It Would Collapse: IT IS, by Karl Denninger

The science is moving against the official Covid narrative and the law is moving against the Biden administration’s decrees. From Karl Denninger at market-ticker.org:

A few months ago I predicted that by the end of the year the Branch Covidian religion would wind up eating itself and collapse.

Now it is.

It has come out that the government intends to mass-deny all military religious exemptions.  This is no longer speculative at least as regards The Navy; it is now proved as the documents have been uncovered and leaked.  Whether that went into the injunction issued by a DC Judge is not known, but that the injunction issued is fact.

The OSHA alleged “ETS” has not been published despite being well beyond the date it was to drop.  OSHA has no authority to issue such an ETS on this subject matter; Congress never gave them that authority and the Executive can’t amend law.  Even within their authority the issuance of an ETS is a fraught process with OSHA losing most of those on challenge in the courts.  Biden’s administration knows this and now they have multiple trade groups warning them that issuing the rule will likely lead to mass-quits, slowdowns and disruption right into the holidays.

Of course the problem is that doing it later just moves when the bad happens.  I’ll take the under on that ever seeing the light of day at this point.

The minute that ETS issues it will draw suits and demands for injunctions from dozens of filings.  The odds are extremely high that not only will the injunctions issue (after all, a jab in the arm if it goes bad is the very definition of irrevocable harm) but that the ETS itself will eventually get struck as well.  When that happens the entirety of the employer base who issued and enforced mandates without the backing of anything are going to have sudden acute need for a proctologist.

The burying of adverse events from the jabs that lead to death is not going to last.  Nor is the fact that the jabs don’t stop transmission, symptoms, or, very-importantly, giving the virus to others.  Indeed a just-published Lancet study shows that vaccinated people are just as likely to transmit the virus as unvaccinated and only modestly less-likely to get it themselves, meaning that any claim that the vaccines protect others and thus could form a defensible “reason” to issue issue a mandate was and is a bald-faced lie.  If you got jabbed with the intent of “protecting” your elderly parents you were conned and may well kill them instead.

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