So now most truck drivers will be exempt from the vaccine mandates, by Jazz Shaw

What will the Biden administration say in court, that truck drivers don’t get Covid? From Jazz Shaw at

(AP Photo/Eraldo Peres)
That announcement from President Joe Biden about federal vaccine mandates that would affect nearly all workers in the private sector is about as solid as a slice of swiss cheese. Every time we think we’re getting our heads wrapped around it, more changes or exceptions seem to appear. The latest is being hailed by representatives of the trucking industry as “a huge victory” because the Department of Labor has now decided that most truckers will not fall under the mandate. And if they do, they will have the option of submitting weekly negative COVID tests instead of getting the shot if they wish. So what makes truck drivers so special? Read on and find out, but it’s probably not any of the obvious answers that might jump to mind. (Yahoo News)

Truckers hailed victory on Friday after Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said in an interview that most drivers will be exempt from President Biden’s vaccine and testing mandate, CNBC reported.

Walsh’s comments came in response to criticism from the trucking industry against a policy announced by The White House on Thursday that will require millions of workers to be fully vaccinated or get tested regularly. The new rules are set to come into effect on January 4.

The rule applies to the federal government workforce and anybody working for a company with more than 100 employees, The White House said.

If we were living in some sort of alternate reality where sane, sensible debates drive government policy, you could probably see how exempting long-haul truckers from any vaccine mandate would make sense. The vast majority of them drive by themselves, sitting alone in the cab of their truck. There’s usually nobody else there to infect or be infected by. The only thing stupider than making them get vaccinated would be to make them wear masks while driving.

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