Are We Living Through the Most Terrifying Experiment in Human History? By Chris MacIntosh

Is humanity going to end up like the mice in the “Universe 25” experiment? From Chris MacIntosh at


Any organized structure is corrupted over time. That is a law of entropy.

The “Universe 25” experiment is one of the most terrifying experiments in the history of science. It involves the behavior of a colony of mice, and is an attempt by scientists to explain human societies.

Here is what happened. Between the late 1960s and early 1970s, American ethologist John B. Calhoun created a seemingly perfect utopia for mice. Calhoun built a predator-free, disease-free enclosure, furnished it with limitless food and even an upper level with miniature mouse condos.

Essentially, the mice would enjoy all the modern comforts that people in the developed world have come to enjoy and now actually expect today as a “right”.

Consider what we are witnessing today. What I call “safety extremists” run the Western liberal democracies. It is as if hall room monitors all got put in charge. No climbing trees for Johnny because he may fall. Safety extremism. You can’t ride your bike without a helmet on. Safety extremism. Warning signs on hot coffee cups, telling you that the coffee is hot.

The list of safety extremism is endless. So, you see, we’re like these mice. Now, along comes the hand-wringing lefties who believe it’s everyone’s “right” to enjoy all the benefits of a modern world.

Let’s see what happened to the mice because it’s instructive for what is happening to Western societies.

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