“Communism” vs. Communism, by Eric Peters

There’s communism the pipe dream and there’s communism the reality. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Communism is a fundamental lie.

Simple statement, easily substantiated.

What is meant by “communism”? Or rather, what is misled by the term?

It is not communal ownership. That is an idiocy for moral and actual imbeciles; a rhetorical trick, the play on words that plays on some people’s resentments over their condition and that of others, whom they regard as unfairly having more – or just because they have more.

So-and-so’s family has money, a nice house. Others do not.

Under “communism” things will be more “equitable.”

It all sounds very nice – to the morally and actually imbecilic. And it perhaps it would be nice – if it were voluntary – as greasily implied by the term. Just everyone coming together, all pitching in for the “common good.”

Share and share alike.

But communism – the actual thing, in practice – is coercive collectivism; an oligarchical hierarchy in which the operational ownership of everyone by a few someones – the ones who control the apparatus of coercion – defines the order of things.

A ruling elite – the Party and those positioned to leverage the Party’s power to apply coercion – the administrators and bureaucrats – control all economic and thus human activity, since there is an economic element to every human action – even to the extent of going to the bathroom. Who shall provide the plumbing? What sort of plumbing? Who will have access to the plumbing?

This is the actuality. It is incontestable. Unless a person is an actual imbecile.

“Communism” is a fantasy, an unreality. A mind trick played upon people with weak minds by people with evil minds. Has there ever – even once – been a communist ruler who did not have the blood of millions – literally – on his hands?

Ah, but this time it will be different!

Those communists were not true “communists.”

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One response to ““Communism” vs. Communism, by Eric Peters

  1. I am sorry to say, i used to be a regular on this site. I now go there very infrequently.The author’s site to me appears to be nothing more than GOP lite, his pretensions to libertarian ism, aside


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