The KISS of Death, by Eric Peters

A rock icon and symbol of counterculture resistance becomes a spokesman for pharma. From Eric Peters at

Once upon a time, rock musicians were outliers who both played unconventionally and defied conventional wisdom – the false “wisdom” of The Man. They posed questions via chords and via their lyrics. By their attitude. By their look.

And now, this.

Gene Simmons – the bass player and “demon” of the ’70s rock-glam band KISS – has publicly declared that those of us who question the wisdom of being injected with the drugs being aggressively pushed at us by a tag team of pharmaceutical cartels and government, using corporations as the enforcement mechanism – are “criminal.”

We are “the enemy.”

This is very interesting, coming from Simmons – whose real name is Chaim Witz, born in Israel. The point of which being that Witz is Jewish. And for that reason ought to be especially sensitive to the wholesale indicting of people as an infected and dangerous class, deserving of  . . . disinfection.

His mother, Flora, survived the Holocaust. Her son now seeks to visit one upon us.

The now-elderly Simmons – he is in his 70s – eructs as follows:

“You are not allowed to infect anybody just because you think you’ve got rights that are delusional.”

The elderly sometimes have difficulty thinking clearly, so let’s try to help Chaim.

No one is asserting the right to “infect” anyone. What is being asserted is the right to not be presumed infectious – a “dangerous bacillus,” as the people who sought to disinfect people like Witz and his mother once put it.

It is precisely out of concern about their health that millions of people want nothing to do with the drugs being pushed. Which do not prevent infection but merely (supposedly) temporarily ameliorate the symptoms of infection.

Hence the need for “boosters” – ad infinitum.

This is admitted to by the purveyors of the drugs and the entities pushing them.

They don’t stop you from getting – or giving – the infection.

But just keep on taking them.

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