The Illusion of Democracy, by Paul Rosenberg

The real illusion is that we have any individual rights left. From Paul Rosenberg at

The events of the past two years have come in so fast and hot that I think most people haven’t yet digested them. Human psychology doesn’t incorporate new and difficult changes very well; it tends rather to pretend that everything will come back to normal… for sure… any minute now.

This gap between perception and acceptance makes us vulnerable. And so it’s massively in our interest to narrow it and close it. Very briefly, I’ll try to help that process along:

However much hold democracy has had in the past, it clearly hasn’t held over the past two years. Our daily lives are ordered by edicts, not by democratic processes. National, state and local potentates have locked down their populations, demanded them to cover their faces and ordered them to accept untested and sometimes dangerous medical treatments. They’ve forbidden alternative treatments. They’ve sent their policemen to breakup religious gatherings.

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3 responses to “The Illusion of Democracy, by Paul Rosenberg

  1. I would argue that a man has exactly the same ‘rights’ today, as he would have had in ANY other period.

    Specifically, he has the ‘right to resist’ whatever is happening to him.

    Thus, he ‘resists’ death from starvation, by seeking food. He ‘resists’ the cold, by seeking warmth. More fundamentally, he resists asphyxia by inhaling fresh air. He has the absolute ‘right’ to seek food, but no ‘right’ to find it.

    AFAICS, that is the sole ‘human right’, and it can never be taken.


  2. Unless exercised, enforced, and defended, rights will not exist. We have let our guard down, and the barbarians are inside the gates, figuratively and literally. We must stop talking about our rights, and exercise them, enforce them, and defend them. Fight!


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