Only Two Things Are Infinite…., by Karl Denninger

As long as the world stays on the vaccine/booster treadmill, new variants will pop up that the vaccines and boosters can’t address. This of course delights the vaccine and booster makers, but it puts the rest of the world on the Doom Loop, getting sicker and sicker into a mass die-off. From Karl Denninger at

….. the universe and human stupidity.

And I’m not certain about the former. — Einstein.

In response to a “new variant” of Covid-19, which has  now been named Omicron the world has suddenly gone mad — once again.  Travel lockdowns, constraints, etc.  The stock market collapsed by over 900 DOW points (which many years ago would be called a “crash”; these days its just a bad day.)

Contemplate these facts:

  • This “variant” has been found all over the world already.  Therefore its already everywhere.  Locking down travel after it is already in your nation is stupid and does nothing.  The variant is either going to become dominant or it will not. You cannot alter that course once it gets to you — and no matter where you are it already has.
  • This “variant” has no evidence of being more-deadly; it may in fact be less-so.  Indeed that is the natural mutational pattern coronaviruses follow over time.  There is no evidence in the form, for example, of higher hospital admissions, ICU utilization and death in those in which this variant has been detected.  In other words thus far all the scaremongering has been based on….. exactly nothing as there are no facts currently in evidence to support such fear.
  • The vaccines clearly do not work.  International travel has been vaccinated-only everywhere for quite some time.  So the person(s) who brought the virus into your nation with this “variant” were vaccinated.  The market, of course, responded to this news by spiking the vaccine companies, specifically Moderna.  You have to wonder what sort of stupidity would drive someone to consider a firm that has one product which clearly did not work a “buy” in a situation like this.  Mass psychosis is the only reasonable explanation.
  • Lockdowns and constraints clearly do not work either.  The virus mutated because that’s what viruses do, and specifically coronaviruses do this all the time.  It’s common.  Further, vaccinating into an outbreak promotes vaccine-resistant strains because that’s just how natural selection works.  You want the opposite but you can’t get there from here by vaccinating people while an outbreak is going on so the better option is to focus on early treatments and even prophylaxis which does not place immune pressure on the virus to evade your jabs.

  • Meanwhile we the evidence continues to mount that prior infection confers better resistance than vaccines.  Perfect immunity?  No.  But much better immunity and, to three nines, perfect protection against critical illness and death.

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