2022 Will Be a Year of Extreme Tyranny: Perception or Reality? By Gary D. Barnett

Don’t think the tyrants will stop on their own accord. From Gary D. Barnett at lewrockwell.com:

“Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.”

Frank Herbert, Dune

The human mind is so fragile as to be left only as a conduit to perception, which in turn creates all human reality, for perception is reality in a world void of any deep understanding of the metaphysical self. To reach an intellectual plateau of knowledge and serenity, and in order to accept truth, one must escape the chains of the indifferent and untrustworthy mortal ego, in favor of finding wholeness in the honesty of the awakened human spirit. This psychological and subconscious resurrection from collective ignorance brings light to darkness, creating knowledge where blindness once dwelled. This is the essence of spiritual strength; the essence of life.

Why does the human animal struggle so mightily to lock himself in collective perception instead of seeking a higher place where confidence and calm reign? Why do the masses hide from honesty and truth thinking this will make them safe? Why do the many gather together instead of seeking solace in self-awareness? Why do the crowds believe that reality is only what they can physically see in front of them? This attitude has led to a total dependence on the whims of a master class, and a mindset that is completely contradictory to any aspect of attaining or retaining freedom.

In today’s world, human existence has been brought down to its lowest level; it has seemingly gone backward, and therefore is susceptible to any manner of manipulation and control. The coming year will be the ultimate test for humanity, as extreme tyranny will not become dormant or disappear, but will escalate beyond the imagination of most. This is not an unthought out doom and gloom prediction, but is based on much research and observation, especially over the past two years. American society, as well as most all others, are ripe for abuse and takeover, and the planners of this conspiratorial fake ‘Covid’ coup fully understand the weakness, dependence, and cowardice that grips most of mankind, and will attempt to take advantage of these pathetic attitudes in an effort to gain control over life itself. Only an individual inner awakening and mass actionable resistance can stop the onslaught of death and destruction that looms in our future.

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