Is There a Limit To Insanity? To Medical Fascism? By Dr. Mark Sircus

As medical facts and reality move against the Covid commissars, they resort to increasingly ludicrous stratagems to keep their quest for ever-increasing power alive. From Dr. Mark Sircus at

Is there a limit to insanity? I don’t think so. The first and most dangerous point of insanity is found exclusively in the United States, where we see a president without all his marbles responsible for a nuclear football. Can anyone in his right mind imagine an 80-year-old man in severe mental decline deciding the world’s fate in a nuclear crisis?

This essay tries to do justice to the insanities running amock in our world today, but something new comes out every day to add to the list. For example, this morning, I read about a directive coming from the World Economic Forum, now hold onto your tea shirt, cries for citizens of the world to stop washing their clothes to fight climate change. That’s as bad as Bill Gates wanting to spend billions to cool a cooling planet. The list of madness about climate change and CO2 knows no end, but at least Gates had the intelligence to take down his TED talk where he made a complete fool of himself.

Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal
Because New Science Goes Against Pfizer’s Lies and Deception

On a lighter but still crazy side, deciding whether the music Frosty the SnowMan is gender-inclusive or not, whether it will upset some people, is another sickness that is hard to believe. Some people take any excuse to get upset because they are upset no matter the trigger. Some people are emotionally an accident just waiting to happen.

Health officials are like that too. Omicron arrived, and we had a chorus of freakouts and a ruined Christmas for many, all for a virus no more harmful than mild flu. That is the official story now, but there are people and organizations ridiculous enough to continue to scare the crap out of the public because they like doing that.

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One response to “Is There a Limit To Insanity? To Medical Fascism? By Dr. Mark Sircus

  1. This is more medical communism than fascism. But, I get your point!

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