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Is There a Limit To Insanity? To Medical Fascism? By Dr. Mark Sircus

As medical facts and reality move against the Covid commissars, they resort to increasingly ludicrous stratagems to keep their quest for ever-increasing power alive. From Dr. Mark Sircus at lewrockwell.com:

Is there a limit to insanity? I don’t think so. The first and most dangerous point of insanity is found exclusively in the United States, where we see a president without all his marbles responsible for a nuclear football. Can anyone in his right mind imagine an 80-year-old man in severe mental decline deciding the world’s fate in a nuclear crisis?

This essay tries to do justice to the insanities running amock in our world today, but something new comes out every day to add to the list. For example, this morning, I read about a directive coming from the World Economic Forum, now hold onto your tea shirt, cries for citizens of the world to stop washing their clothes to fight climate change. That’s as bad as Bill Gates wanting to spend billions to cool a cooling planet. The list of madness about climate change and CO2 knows no end, but at least Gates had the intelligence to take down his TED talk where he made a complete fool of himself.

Facebook Now Censoring the British Medical Journal
Because New Science Goes Against Pfizer’s Lies and Deception

On a lighter but still crazy side, deciding whether the music Frosty the SnowMan is gender-inclusive or not, whether it will upset some people, is another sickness that is hard to believe. Some people take any excuse to get upset because they are upset no matter the trigger. Some people are emotionally an accident just waiting to happen.

Health officials are like that too. Omicron arrived, and we had a chorus of freakouts and a ruined Christmas for many, all for a virus no more harmful than mild flu. That is the official story now, but there are people and organizations ridiculous enough to continue to scare the crap out of the public because they like doing that.

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A Brief History of Epic Mass Madness, by James Howard Kunstler

We’re living through an age future historians will look back upon in the same way present-day historians look upon black-plague dancing and Tulip Bulb Mania. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

The thesis called mass formation psychosis put forward lately by the Belgian psychologist Mattias Desmet — a good digest here in text, not video — goes a long way to explaining the disgraceful mindfuckery that Western Civ has fallen for in our time, promulgated by a thinking class that descended into abject madness. It’s well worth reviewing.

The descent was provoked by the existential anxiety over the collapse of techno-industrial economies and the end of progress as-we’ve-known-it. (Have you noticed: it was the self-styled “progressives” who went the craziest?) As Dr. Desmet lays it out, the disconnectedness of contemporary life, its lack of meaning or purpose for many, leads to unendurable anxiety. All that inchoate fear seeks desperately to attach itself to some real object, some thing or some force that can be comprehended, fought, and triumphantly overcome. Finding such a target produces an intoxicating sense of communal connection, purpose, and meaning, driving actions that are often crazy and also absolutely impervious to rational debate.

The angst in America was well established by 2016. A beaten-down middle-class suspected that left-of-center politicians did not have their interests at heart after years of off-shoring their jobs, and they managed to elect their avatar, Donald Trump, over the obviously unsympathetic globalist, Hillary Clinton — who snootily tagged her opposition “the deplorables.” Even so, the polls had her ahead by a mile. Then, by some weird twist of fate, she lost a few crucial counties in midwestern states she hadn’t bothered to visit, and was reportedly too plastered after midnight on election night to come down and console the troops at campaign headquarters. The shocking election outcome instantly deranged the nation’s entire managerial class and its thinking-out-loud interlocutors in the news media and on campus.

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2020: The Year we Lost the Plot, by Rob Slane

The year 2020 may set an all time low for mass mental acuity. From Rob Slane at theblogmire.com:

This piece is the first in a series of five articles I will be publishing over the next couple of weeks looking at various aspects of our new Covidian State in 2020. These pieces are also due to be published on The Conservative Woman website from 27-31 December.

“Our Government, along with Governments around the world will shortly announce the quarantining of whole populations for a seasonal respiratory virus which leaves 99.8-99.9% of those who get it in the land of the living. What is more, they will also announce a shutdown of the entire economy for months and then, when the epidemic has actually gone, will mandate that you cover the lower half of your face with a bit of cloth. They will do this by frightening people into compliance with a barrage of propaganda, slogans, data entirely taken out of context, and the threat of massive fines.”

Anyone making this claim at the beginning of the year would rightly have been thought to have mislaid the plot and their marbles, long ago. But here we are, at the end of that same year, and it is precisely what has happened.

Only it is much worse than that.

Had you somehow been persuaded to give credence to this insane prophecy, you would probably have been comforted by the following thought: “They’ll never get away with it. The people will never stand for it.”

Not a bit of it. Somehow, millions of people across the country, and in fact across the world, were persuaded to accept it. By far the majority somehow thought that quarantining whole nations of healthy people for a virus, for the first time in history, was a good idea. Well, actually the second time in history to be precise. It was tried in 2009 by the Mexican Government during the Swine Flu outbreak, but they had the good sense to end it after a couple of weeks after realising how much it would devastate the country.

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