Why The West Has No Backbone, by Paul Rosenberg

In what do people in the West believe? From Paul Rosenberg at freemansperspective.com:

The West lost its backbone for a very simple reason: It lost its meta-narrative: its overarching story for what we believe and do.

The people of the West have no why for what they’re doing, save to fill their bellies and beds. Even their greatest dogma, Democracy, is an empty shell. Nothing could have made that point better than the past two years, when the world was turned upside down by edicts from potentates – precisely the thing democracy was supposed to prevent – while the belly-fillers of the West made not a peep.

The Mongols had a meta-narrative. It was a terribly ugly one, but it organized their energies and efforts, allowing them to overrun most of the known world. (Meta-narratives aren’t always nice.) The Romans had a meta-narrative too; not the best, but definitely not the worst.

Early Europe had a grand meta-narrative: Bringing the world into the light of Christ. By it they became the first civilization in history to eliminate slavery from an entire continent, and to keep it out, century after century. (Among other successes.)

America had a wonderful meta-narrative: We were proving to the world that individual liberty was better than servitude. We went about to prove it and we did prove it. From where, after all, did railroads, electricity, telephones, radio, the electric light, television, cars, airplanes, and a dozen other wonders arise? Sure, several of those had European precursors (smart and creative people aren’t unique to any location), but they rooted and developed in America, because that’s where they were able to root and develop… because we had the meta-narrative for it.

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