Over a Million People Were Injured by Covid Vaccines; One Woman Stands Up for Them, by Linda Bonvie

If you incur a vaccine related adverse effect, the government, the pharmaceutical companies, the hospitals, and the medical establishment don’t want to hear from you. From Linda Bonvie at rescue.substack.com:

Teacher Brianne Dressen recounts her horrifying and ongoing vaccine ordeal—and the coverup of adverse reactions by health officials, mainstream media, and the New England Journal of Medicine

After being injured by an AstraZeneca covid vaccine, Brianne Dressen, working with her husband, chemist Brian Dressen, Ph.D., connected with scientists in other countries—even sending a blood sample to a doctor in Germany—before entering an NIH study. (Photo courtesy of Brianne Dressen)

When Utah pre-school teacher Brianne Dressen volunteered to be part of the AstraZeneca covid vaccine clinical trial, she thought she was doing her part “to get us out of the pandemic.”

But what she didn’t realize is that with a single dose of that vaccine, known then as AZD1222, she was also volunteering to give up her health and livelihood. Nor could she know that she would emerge as a national spokeswoman, champion, and leader of a healing network for thousands of people gravely injured by covid vaccines, yet ignored and censored by governments and media.

Brianne’s story would certainly be frightening and disturbing enough all on its own. But there’s also the peculiar, even bizarre way that she and others have been dealt with by U.S. health authorities.

She has been poked, examined, and studied by physicians at the National Institutes of Health, been in close contact with numerous Food and Drug Administration and NIH officials (where she was warned not to disclose any of the treatments she received), and then ditched. “Radio silence” is how she refers to it.

The media has dutifully gone along. Since Brianne (and numerous others) decided to go public with their vaccine injuries, the response from the mainstream press has been underwhelming. She was interviewed by three reporters from The New York Times, Newsmax, and other major outlets with nothing subsequently appearing in print. Even more telling were some of the comments by the journalists she connected with. A Times reporter told her they are under great pressure not to make the vaccines look bad. One journalist said she was “intimidated by someone at Pfizer” not to run her story.

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