Old Man, Look at Your Life…., by James Howard Kunstler

A washed up rock star squares off against a man who can get 50 million people to listen to a 3-hour podcast. It’s no contest, but it highlights how so many people who considered themselves outsiders and rebels in the 1960s and 1970s are now establishment shills and whores. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Rock’n’roller Neil Young’s conniption over having to share the Spotify platform with Joe Rogan affords a glimpse into the glutenous mire that is a mind bethinking itself “progressive” these drear days of American unraveling. For those of you not tuned in: Joe Rogan is a comedian and martial arts maven who runs the most popular podcast in the world, renowned for long-form interviews (three hours sometimes!) often with high-powered intellectuals. A month ago, he interviewed the mRNA developer Dr. Robert Malone, who has become an outspoken opponent of the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” and of the US-led world pandemic policy in general under Dr. Anthony Fauci, going as far as to call for an immediate end to the world-wide vaxxing program because, Dr. Malone says, the vaxxes don’t work and they kill and disable people. Hearing that, Mr. Young called for Joe Rogan to be cancelled for spreading “misinformation.”

It’s worth paying attention to just how disordered Mr. Young’s thinking is because it summarizes everything that has gone awry on the political Left: He is wrong two ways: 1) morally, and 2) on the facts of the matter — which is as wrong as you can be. Like virtually everyone on the Democratic Party / Woke / Progressive axis, he is obviously in favor of suppressing free speech. Since when did that become okay for old hippies?

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2 responses to “Old Man, Look at Your Life…., by James Howard Kunstler

  1. When it comes to Neil Young, you just can’t fix stupid!

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  2. Joni Mitchell has followed Young into a state of imbecility, as she now has removed her music from Spotify. Again, ‘you just can’t fix stupid.’

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