Building Haiti Right Here in the United States, by Jared Taylor

Is the U.S. sliding towards third world status? From Jared Taylor at

This video is available on BitChute.

Maybe you have heard of Pro Publica. It is a non-profit news organization. Kind of like American Renaissance – but different. It’s got a $30 million budget, $60 million in assets, and 100 journalists – which makes it as big as a major daily. The two top boys make about $450,000 a year, and six of its editors make between $250 and $300 thousand a year.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution if you think they aren’t paid enough.

These high rollers are hard, hard lefties, with headlines like “What People Who Live in Mostly White Towns Need to Know About History.”

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One response to “Building Haiti Right Here in the United States, by Jared Taylor

  1. Thirdworlding….been happening BY DESIGN FOR DECADES IF WE LET IT.Operation Lockstep and The Kalergi Plan,research and stop it.Follow the cabal$$$$$ to A.G.s,D.A.s,Governors,mayors,etc.Elder Scrolls dates back hundreds of years and IS VERY REAL AND IN EFFECT.WAKE UP!!!!!Boycott,disinvest,quit,and harass yhe oppressors whether they are newspapers of crap,antisocialmedia,cabalco.s,movies,cafes,whatever.Be a much better human Right Now.Right thought,Right action,Right words.Thirst and hunger for Real Knowledge and big Truth.Discern and discriminate in how time is spent,company you keep.Choices matter individually and


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