All War; Hot Cold, Geopolitical, International or Domestic, Is Always War Against All of Us, by Gary D. Barnett

Rational people have no use for war. From Gary D. Barnett at

“War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”

~ George Orwell, 1984

Due to the recent (and not so recent) bombastic geopolitical idiocy by the U.S. pundits concerning Ukraine, there has been much talk about the possibility of World War III. These statements are meant to strike fear in the populace, and propagandize the idea that a single enemy exists, that ‘real’ global war is likely, and that ‘world war’ is meant to bring an end to tyranny. This notion is confusing at best, but everything reported about war by governments, mainstream media, much alternative media, and by the ignorant public at large, is little more than lies and deceit. The common thinking about war is literally absurd, as war has been continually waged throughout the entirety of our existence. As far as humanity is concerned, war is and has always been, perpetual. With that said, all war is not against a single or even multiple ‘enemies,’ but is against all of us. When governments exist, constant war is inevitable.

War takes on many forms; most of which are not openly discussed by the claimed ‘news outlets.’ Although the U.S. always claims moral superiority, history would dictate that the U.S. for example, has been involved in or prosecuting aggressive war for approximately 93% of its existence, but alas, it is most assuredly closer to 100%. Just because troops are not known to be harassing, tormenting, maiming, raping, and killing innocent people here or in faraway lands, does not mean that war, war plans, and psychological war are not always active in one manner or another. U.S. aggression is monumental, and surpasses all other nations on earth, now and in the past, and U.S. policy that is total aggression against its own population is never ending. The ‘covid’ hoax is just the latest example.

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