Ukraine In The Membrane, by Good Citizen

If wars were won by propaganda, narratives, commentator invective, and posting flags on social media, Ukraine’s army would be in Moscow by now. From Good Citizen at

Crazy insane, got no brain.

“Break a leg. You’re a natural. We got your back.”

Insane In Ukraine
President Volodymyr Zelensky is as much a puppet dictator of a dysfunctional Oligarchy installed through elections by global managers as Joe Biden is a puppet President of a dysfunctional Corporatocracy installed through elections by global managers. You cannot talk about either without being slandered a “conspiracy theorist”. The discerning mind knows there are no more conspiracy theories. The phrase itself was invented as a misinformation tool by the CIA to smear those who asked too many inconvenient questions after they assassinated a President in 1963 right in front of Abraham Zapruder’s camera and the world. No matter how many holes there are in a prepared narrative, including obvious coups, assassinations and lately western fixed elections, one is just supposed to shut up and not believe their lying eyes. Now we are told to shut up and believe Ukraine is a “democracy” fighting to defend “liberal values” and Zelensky is a brave leader defying evil aggression.

The hero worship of Zelensky making the rounds on the propaganda outlets and being amplified on attention networks is the stuff of legend. War is always just propaganda. The servants of power in the Ukrainian Borg, and the war hawks in both parties and their echoes of the blue check brigade across the west want people to believe a hypothetical “western liberal” future wouldn’t be a near first in that poor vassal state, but never mind the facts, in the fog of war propaganda it’s a time for emotions only.

The comic’s performances have been spectacular feats of western manipulation, guilting countries like Germany and Sweden to send more weapons that will likely require a thank-you card from Putin. The comic continues to engineer attention network mobs to pile on the increase of sanctions that will hurt the mobs more than Russians. He’s definitely still a comic, but he’s now also a dangerous lunatic who wants to bring the whole world down with his corrupt regime. With the western corporate-state media propagandists manipulating the Ukrainian Borg who are incessantly cheering him on, this will not end well. The comic’s demands become more insane by the day.

We call on all civilized countries to impose an embargo on Russian oil products, ban Russian citizens from entering your territory and disconnect Russia from SWIFT. We call on NATO, Europe, the United States to close the sky over Ukraine.

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