2 Years On: The vital lesson Covid can teach us about Ukraine, by Kit Knightly

The most important thing about both Covid and Ukraine is the underlying agenda of those promoting them. From Kit Knightly at off-guardian.org:

esterday marked exactly two years since the UK went into our first lockdown, just “three weeks to flatten the curve”. Several months later the lockdown stopped. Then it started again around Christmas.

There was never, ever, any justification for the lockdown. Lockdowns don’t work to halt the spread of disease, even if they did “Covid” was never enough of a threat to justify one, and the destructive knock-on effects on public health and the economy make the cure worse than the disease.

We don’t need to go into the details of that now. It’s all well-established at this point.

More importantly – it was well-established before the lockdowns began.

From the moment Covid was first mentioned in the press, it was obvious it was more smoke and mirrors than anything else.

As I wrote in January of 2020, when the press was in a frenzy over only 800 global cases and 26 deaths:

Longer-term, there is vaccination to consider. Medicine you have to take even if you’re not sick is a goldmine for pharmaceutical companies, and if the government makes them mandatory well, then that’s even better.

The coming agenda was that obvious, even then.

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