Telling the COVID Good Guys from the Bad Guys, by Justus R. Hope

Let’s hope both the good and bad get their just desserts. From Justus R. Hope at

How does one navigate when the traditional media all lie? How can an average person figure out who to believe? What is the truth?

When you notice young, healthy athletes suddenly dropping from heart attacks, and Twitter de-platforms anyone who dares mention it, this tells you not to trust Twitter.

Likewise, when Uttar Pradesh, India eradicates COVID with Ivermectin, yet the FDA suggests the drug is only for horses, you cannot trust the FDA.

When the head of the NIAID finances gain-of-function research in China, resulting in a worldwide pandemic, we should not trust them any longer. How about when the Canadian Truckers – many of them loyal military patriots of Canada – get their donations and bank accounts frozen, their trucks impounded, and many arrested?

We should all awaken and check to see how intact our human rights are wherever we live.

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