An open letter to Christi Grimm, Inspector General of the HHS, by Steve Kirsch

Steve Kirsch is playing internet Martin Luther, nailing his complaints about the powers that be to a virtual door. From Kirsch at

Without a doubt, there is an enormous amount of corruption at the highest levels of the FDA, CDC, and NIH that needs to be investigated. In particular, they are hiding the safety signals.

Christi A. Grimm, HHS Inspector General.jpg

Dear Inspector General Grimm,

There is overwhelming evidence of an enormous amount of corruption at the highest levels of the CDC, FDA, and NIH. These activities are aimed at both:

  1. deliberately suppressing any negative safety and efficacy data about the COVID vaccines
  2. suppressing safe, effective treatments using widely available repurposed drugs and supplements

None of these activities are in the public interest. Collectively, we estimate that they have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

It is also clear these actions were not due to negligence or incompetence. The actions are done by people who know exactly what they are doing. When confronted with evidence, they refuse to talk about it.

I’ve listed a few examples below. I would be happy to provide more details upon request on any of these points. I have also filed this as a “Hotline complaint” on the HHS website on April 20, 2022. Unfortunately, there is no “tracking number” issued by the HHS on the complaint.

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