We Need Covid Accountability, Not Amnesty, by Quoth the Raven

We need congressional hearings, trials, and prison sentences. From Quoth the Raven at quoththeraven.substack.com:

The same Democrats who pushed for imprisonment, fines and even removal of custody of children simply for being unvaccinated now want to make a peace offering.

At the beginning of 2022, I made the prediction that we would see the end of vaccine mandates and that the general populace’s deteriorating tolerance for nonsense would force a pivot in how the absolutely hysterical media covered Covid.

Fast forward eleven months and the same crazed media lot, most recently characterized by The Atlantic, is now pleading for mercy from those it shunned and ridiculed during the pandemic, under the guise of asking for “amnesty”.

“We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID,” Emily Oster wrote this week.

Oster’s plead for the decency that her ilk failed to offer up to most Americans during the throws of the pandemic comes at a point where the Covid narrative has been all but lost by the Democrats and the mainstream media.

There have been several recent large wins for the unvaccinated who had the constitution and backbone to stand up for themselves throughout a year of being constantly berated and ferociously scorned as second class citizens.

A majority of the media and Democrats had demanded that these people be removed from society and generally subject to scorn and ridicule. Now, in a moment that many of us knew would eventually be coming, apologies are being made around the world for how the unvaccinated were treated.

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