America: Broken By Digital Hallucinogens, by Dr. Naomi Wolf

If it’s on the screen it must be true—Russiagate, Covid, vaccines, elections—the list goes on and on. From Dr. Naomi Wolf at

On An Election-Count Night, A Once-Great Nation is Spun by the Same Digital Tricksters Who Brought Us “The Pandemic”

This is the eve after a broken election, as broken machines count broken vote tallies, and as broken media “calls” outcomes. Everyone in legacy media is waiting “for AP to call the outcome,” which is sadly hilarious, given that AP has a Memorandum of Understanding that it won’t disclose fully to our Congress, with the news agency Xinhua, the CCP’s chief propaganda arm.

Treasonous media call a treasonous election process. []

In one state, the outcome is being overseen by one of the two main contestants — which is itself a true banana-republic level situation. [].

In my own state, New York, the opposition candidate conceded, to my disgust, when there were still 1.4 million uncounted votes. [] Why? Well, “NBC called” it – the day before. []

All those voters were disenfranchised.

The Statue of Liberty holds up her torch in the dark harbor, disregarded. It’s pretty much Moscow on the Hudson here.

CNN calls people who try to count the vote, as our forefathers intended, “election deniers” and worse. A Presidential candidate who has already made history once, is teasing a new announcement tonight as I write, and most of our legacy digital press has already consigned him to the trash bin of history before he has opened his mouth to speak. Facebook has already called him “off limits.” []

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