adverse results from adverse selection, from el gato malo

How do you deal with the people in your life who were so terribly wrong about Covid and its vaccines, but insisted on telling you what you had to do? From el gato malo at

navigating our way out of the outrage economy

as is the habit of anthropomorphic animals, long time gatopal™ kbirb and i were having a bit of a chat the other day.

he asked an interesting question:

indeed, it does seem as though the collective consciousness is moving away from outrage on the manyfold ills of covid response and save for the last few zealots still howling for masks and covalent vaccines and pretending we still need “an emergency” it’s pretty much over in terms of current oppressions.

at least for now.

a massive number have changed jerseys and now pretend they were the good guys all along and not the ones vilifying their neighbors, seeking to make them second class citizens and subject to arbitrary discrimination and detention in the name of pseudosafety pseudoscience.

and by and large, they ae getting away with it.

some are still angry and deeply wary (and with good reason) but most of the middle just seems ready to move on.

because that’s what people do.

they don’t really react to the abstractions of what’s coming.

and they cannot hold onto outrages too far past.

“it’s true, it’s true, it’s true, it never happened” is just another variant of the classic “deny, deny, deny, it’s old news” and so too is “this is outrageous, this is outrageous, this is outrageous, this is normal.”

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One response to “adverse results from adverse selection, from el gato malo

  1. A person shaking their head and giving me the WTF is wrong with you look at the Sack-N-Save is when I tossed the obedience muzzle or mask of hive conformity.
    I felt weak for going along to get along just to enter some store even it was for essentials.
    Are people so dull and distracted that they don’t even notice the dystopian death camp going up around us?


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