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The Coming American Dictatorship, Part II (with link to Part I), by John Wilder

After Covid totalitarianism we’re well over half way there to an American dictatorship. From John Wilder at wilderwealthywise.com:

“Did you ever run for dictator of anything?” – Green Acres

Why didn’t Julius Caesar ever say “thank you” to anyone?  He didn’t speak English.

This is Part II of the series.  Part I can be found here (LINK).

The history of when the United States started to slip into a dictatorship is long, but I’ll start with the Civil War.  The worst part of the Civil War (besides, you know, all of the dead people) was Lincoln running roughshod over the Constitution whenever it suited him:

  • Shut down opposition newspapers, arresting the owners and editors,
  • Arrested a former congressman (generally a good idea) and put him to a military tribunal (he wasn’t in the military) and then . . . deported him to the Confederacy,
  • Legalized disco, and
  • Put the entire state of Maryland under martial law.

Important Civil War Fact:  It is not true that, despite popular conception, Lincoln had written the first draft of the Gettysburg Address on a Bacon Swiss Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich™ wrapper from Carl’s Jr.©  Lincoln actually preferred Arby’s®.

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