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Superspreading Lies, by The Zman

The Covid commissars have a problem: the vaccines are nowhere near as safe or as effective as advertised. So they’re busy constructing new lies to cover up the old ones. From The Zman at takimag.com:

In a world of lies the only thing you can rely upon with regards to public discourse is that whatever you are being told is false. The exact nature of the lie and the motivation behind it are never easy to discern, but you can trust that whatever the authorities are saying is not factually accurate. This has turned every dissident into a modern-day Kremlinologist, examining the regime for clues about what is happening.

For example, Republicans and Conservative Inc. have suddenly gotten religion on the vaccination stuff. A few weeks ago, they were focused on the personal-liberty aspect of the vaccination campaign. People should be free to decide if they want to take experimental medicines for a disease with a 98% survival rate. Conservative Inc. was against Covid passports and vaccine mandates.

Suddenly, as if on command, they are on board the vaccine express. Mitch McConnell is now threatening lockdowns unless everyone gets vaccinated. The governor of Alabama wants to blame the unvaccinated for everything. Conservative goofballs like Sean Hannity are also pushing the vaccine. Chris Ruddy of Newsmax is now pro-vaccine, which is odd given that he markets to the aluminum-foil-hat crowd.

“It is hard to know if any of these people believe what they are saying to one another.”

For their part, the people who have been hysterical about Covid for eighteen months are now even more hysterical. The people animating the corpse of Joe Biden say they will mandate bizarre costumes if everyone does not comply. It is good to see that collective punishment is back in vogue. If that is not enough, agents of the state will go door-to-door to make sure you are vaccinated, comrade.

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