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Behind the Scenes: Demolishing the 4 Big Lies, by Margaret Anna Alice

This is helpful intellectual ammunition for encounters with Covidians. From Margaret Anna Alice at margaretannaalice.substack.com:

Person with Television Head with Clouds

Hot off the presses, below is my latest response to a Covidian comment. As previously promised, I don’t intend to argue with him if he responds (unless he’s genuinely open to removing his blindfold), but his simple comment represented such a perfect synopsis of the four Big Lies used to massage the public mind into compliance that I couldn’t resist replying.

Bob: Millions have died due to COVID. I’m not sure what point you are making. Masking has scientifically been shown to reduce spread if [sic] COVID, and vaccines have greatly reduced death rates. If we had taken COVID more seriously, so, so many lives could have been saved.

MAA: Hello, Bob 🙂 I see you have a lot of catching up to do on all the lies we’ve been bombarded with so we would accept totalitarianism, relinquish our rights, blissfully chuck our freedoms onto the funeral pyre of history, and volunteer for an experimental product that puts our lives and health at risk.

I don’t have time to go over everything you’ve been deceived about and I’ve promised to stop wasting time arguing with Covidians, so I’ll just give you a synopsis and point you to articles with thousands of substantiating references should you be open-minded enough to assess them and turn away from the scary images that have been projected on the wall of Plato’s Propaganda Cave to gaslight us into obedience.

1) The “millions who have died due to COVID” died from hospicide via remdesivir, ventilation/intubation, and starvation, among other financially incentivized murder protocols designed to puff the COVID “death” count. Add in the misuse of PCR tests to inflate the case and death tallies as well as the admitted practice of counting of deaths “with” instead of “from” COVID, and voìla, you’ve got “millions of COVID deaths” to terrify the masses into compliance!

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Bill Gates and the Frame Game, by Thomas Harrington

The Covid commissars are trying to walk back their lies, idiocy, and tyranny. Good luck with that. From Thomas Harrington at brownstone.org:

A few weeks back, at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Bill Gates said some surprising things. In the course of a 56-minute panel discussion the vaccine pusher extraordinaire admitted (starting at the 18:22 mark) that the Covid vaccines do not block infection and that the duration of whatever protection they bring to the table is extremely short.

He later talked (starting at 51:00 mark) of the absurdity of implementing any Covid passport program—and one can logically deduce any other measure to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated—when the injections have shown no ability to do the least that one should expect from a vaccine: prevent infection and transmission.

These admissions violently kick the stool out from under the arguments made in favor of the more assaultive and damaging Covid “containment measures” taken in the past two years, many of which are still being pursued with pitiless vigor by public officials, CEOs, and educational “leaders” all around the world.

Are we to believe that Bill Gates had a sudden impulse to undermine all that he used his billions to mercilessly promote over the last two years? And that he was giving all those currently carrying out those plans permission to stand down?

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birx had a tough day in congress, by el gato malo

Questions are finally being asked of those who said their writ was unquestionable. Of course the evasions and lies are piling up, but at least the questions are being asked. Never underestimate the power of a question. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

“hope” is no basis for health mandates or treatment policy

leaders do not, mostly, lead. they follow the public mood. and as that mood is shifting, it’s becoming OK to ask the pointy questions and start getting to the bottom of things.

debbie had a tough outing here and gets pinned on a simple and vital issue:

when public health officials and agencies stridently told america that the covid vaccines would be a “dead end for the virus” and stop infection and spread, upon what did they base that claim and how did they get it so wrong?

once jordan gets a hold of her, this is like a tuna filled piñata in a tiger cage.

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Leviathan Floundering, by James Howard Kunstler

Leviathan should be harpooned and put out of our misery. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Back in the quaint old days of the George “W” Bush admin, White House political advisor Karl Rove famously said, “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.” He was actually bragging on it, a little bit, I think.

Didn’t that set the tone for the years that have followed? The part that even the perspicacious Mr. Rove missed, though, is that the viziers of empire are perhaps even more apt to create their own unreality, which explains a lot about these fretful present days of American collapse. Is there anything the government tells you now that is not some sort of fabrication? One thing for sure is that the elite colleges churn out thousands of certified bullshit artists every year — with no other skills — and many gravitate to the power centers of our national life, where they rise in the ranks spinning metaphysical simulacrums of their boss’s purviews — the Jen Psaki types, who ricochet between the DC political bunkers and boob tube news central. The less glib and physically unpresentable become mere “fact-checkers,” the network of casual liars who toil in the trenches of official unreality.

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Power is in Tearing Human Minds to Pieces, by Robert W. Malone

Would Trump have won reelection if the mainstream and social media hadn’t suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story? Probably not, the Democrats still cheated on the vote count, but we’ll never know for sure. From Robert W. Malone at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

Some of the news and analysis that you probably won’t find on state-sponsored media

One of the most important news stories that broke this week was about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Not because of the contents, as salacious and maybe damaging to the reputation of the President as it may be, but for a more profound and disturbing reason. The 2020 election may have been won on a misinformation campaign orchestrated by elements in the US government.

Glenn Greenwald lays this out nicely in his analysis entitled: The NYT Now Admits the Biden Laptop — Falsely Called “Russian Disinformation” — is Authentic.

One of the most successful disinformation campaigns in modern American electoral history occurred in the weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election. On October 14, 2020 — less than three weeks before Americans were set to vote — the nation’s oldest newspaper, The New York Post, began publishing a series of reports about the business dealings of the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, in countries in which Biden, as Vice President, wielded considerable influence (including Ukraine and China) and would again if elected president.

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Are They Finally Admitting Natural Immunity? By Jeffrey A. Tucker

Is real, as opposed to Covid commissars’ science, finally winning. From Jeffrey A. Tucker at brownstone.org:

In late January, the CDC published a report that made what might have been regarded as a shocking claim. If you have had Covid, the CDC demonstrated in a chart, you gain robust immunity that is better than that of vaccination, especially concerning duration.

That should be nothing surprising. Brownstone has chronicled 150 studies making that point. What made this new chart different was that it came from the CDC, which has buried the point so deeply for so long as to amount to a near denial.

So there: the CDC says it. So nonchalant! So uneventful!

If people had understood this two years ago, plus been made more completely aware of the dramatic risk gradient by age and health, lockdowns would have been completely untenable.

The society-wide mandates and lockdowns depended on keeping the public ignorant on settled points of cell biology and immunology, plus pressuring social media companies to censor anyone who didn’t fall in line. Here we are all this time later and the truth is coming out.

Had the knowledge of risk gradients and immunities been in the forefront of policy makers’ minds – instead of wild fear and obsequious deference to Fauci – we would have focused on protecting the vulnerable and otherwise allowed society to function normally so that the virus would become endemic. We would not only have saved thousands of lives; we could have avoided the vast economic, educational, cultural, and public-health wreckage all around us.

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DHS: Here is a list of top COVID misinformation spreaders you should investigate ASAP, by Steve Kirsch

A good but not complete list of Covid-19 propaganda shills. From Steve Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com:

DHS is now going after COVID misinformation spreaders considering them terrorist threats. Here’s my list of people I think they should be investigating.


DHS is getting tough on COVID misinformation spreaders, i.e., people who spread information that “undermines public trust in government institutions.”

Since DHS has finite resources to pursue all these perpetrators, as a public service, I have created a list of what I believe are some of the country’s top misinformation spreaders.

I sincerely hope that the DHS will focus their efforts on these individuals since they have made statements and/or taken actions (or refused to take action) that result in the undermining of public trust in US government institutions.

It is extremely easy to tell who is telling the truth here: it’s the people who are not afraid of debate. The one thing everyone on our list has in common is that they will never agree to debate anyone with opposing views.

These people need to be stopped now and I’m grateful that DHS is finally taking this seriously as innocent lives are being lost.

The DHS memo

Read this memo issued yesterday, Feb 7, entitled Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.

In particular, check this out this section:

Hmmm…I couldn’t come up with any “violent extremist attacks during 2021” that were inspired by this alleged COVID-19 misinformation. Can you?

To make their job easier to pursue these spreaders of COVID-19 misinformation, I’ve compiled a list of the Disinformation Dozen, the top spreaders of COVID disinformation that are literally killing people through spreading misinformation about COVID.


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Plandemic Lies 6 Months Later, by Trevor Thomas

The vitriol and cancellation directed at people who have dared ask questions or tell the truth about Covid, the Covid response, and vaccinations has been unprecedented. Fortunately, the truth has a way of winning out. From Trevor Thomas at thebluestateconservative.com:

Rumble — Plandemic, Government, mainstream media Lies ? REALITY 6 MONTHS LATER

The vaccines are 95% effective at preventing infection ? Breakthrough infections everywhere.
The vaccinated can’t spread COVID (“Get vaccinated to protect grandma”) ? The vaxxed are as infectious as the naive unvaccinated and significantly more infectious than recovered unvaccinated. The vaxxed can become superspreaders like Typhoid Mary, because they are equally or more infectious, but with suppressed symptoms.
After getting fully vaccinated, you’ll be done for good ? Boosters are required, because the vaccine provides some protection for only a few
months and only against a specific variant. Anyone who doesn’t get the booster will be considered unvaccinated after 6 months.
One booster is adequate ? Fourth shot required. Anyone who doesn’t get the booster will be considered unvaccinated after 6 months. (Time to be reduced to 4 and then 3 months soon.)
The vaccines are safe ? Vaccines cause serious adverse events and deaths.
Vaccine adverse events and fatalities are rare ? Publicized vaccine adverse events and fatalities are highly suppressed and the tip of the iceberg. The are at least 20 times more ACTUAL adverse events than REPORTED adverse events in the public databases (VAERS, EudraVigilance, etc).
There will be no COVID internment camps ? In Australia and Canada people are now forced into concentration/interment camps (euphemism: quarantine facilities) at their own expense.
We are all in this together ? We must punish, exclude and banish the unvaccinated. Two class society with the clean/superior (vaxxed) on the one hand and the unclean/inferior (unvaxxed) on the other. People who refuse the experimental genetic Kool-Aid injection are fired, not allowed to get schooling, can’t get health care and insurance, face huge fines, etc. People who initially (reluctantly) accepted the injections but won’t accept the booster, degrade to the unclean/inferior class.

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Truth or Covid? (or, “why we know everything they’re telling us is a lie”), by Michael Lesher

When lawyers cross-examine witnesses and they catch them in lies, they often ask: “Were you lying then or are you lying now?” Ask the Covid commissars the same question and the right answer is “Yes.” From Michael Lesher at off-guardian.org:

Remember the good old days at the beginning of the COVID coup – before the new dogmas started to tangle themselves into self-contradictory knots?

Back then, if you wanted to know what to think, the Infallible Ones always had simple answers.

What was the enemy? A virus called SARS-CoV-2. Where did it come from? Chinese bats and pangolins. When would it end? After a few weeks of “lockdown” and the introduction of “vaccines.”

How did you protect yourself from it in the meantime?

By isolating yourself at home, wearing a muzzle, obsessively washing your hands, leaving your shoes outside the door, avoiding other human beings, scrubbing the walls and counters – above all, by obeying whatever orders the Infallible Ones gave you.

And if you didn’t obey? You would die.

But “oh, what a tangled web we weave,” as the poet said, “when first we practice to deceive.”

The Infallible Ones’ teachings were soon mired in baffling inconsistencies. A “few weeks” of lockdown gave way to months, which in turn gave way to threats of recurring confinements whenever the authorities deemed it expedient.

Summertime assurances of the “success” of the national incarceration – which had upended the health care system, educationally crippled a generation of children, and tossed away the livelihoods of millions of innocent people, though the Infallible Ones seldom mentioned any of that – were succeeded by “expert” scoldings to the effect that we Americans had been too selfish to be confined at all.

When randomized clinical trials proved that face masks were useless, the Infallible Ones told us to wear two masks instead of one.

When the Infallible Ones abandoned the canard of “asymptomatic transmission” – after it had fulfilled its function of stoking public hysteria – they adopted the equally silly canard that “the unvaccinated” were unique breeding grounds for viral mutations.

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“Herd Stupidity”: The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA “Vaccine” and “The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power”, by Prof. Anthony J. Hall

The Covid “crisis” is a witches’ brew of sinister motives. From Prof. Anthony J. Hall at lewrockwell.com:

No matter how lethal, how injurious, or how fraught with other catastrophic consequences, the mass inoculation project is being pushed forward at warp speed

The pandemic is contrived for sinister motives. Everything connected with Covid is Junk Science foisted on a fearful and gullible world. The virus, the lock downs, the masks, the abuse of PCR for diagnosis, the temperature checks at commercial entrances, the ubiquitous little bottles of alcohol, the relentless propaganda and most especially the soon-to-be-mandatory lethal injections are all Junk Science.

The people behind all this are masters – or hire masters – of crowd psychology and have the most sinister and evil intentions for all of us. – Anonymous, Comment 651, “The Covid Debate: To Vaxx or Not to Vaxx,” Unz Review, 15 August, 2021

Doing More Harm Than Good

The development, distribution and injection of COVID jabs gives new meaning to the term, “deregulation.” From beginning to end, the whole process appears to be devoid of hard-and-fast rules. Tried-and-true methods have been overturned for no apparent reason. Old methods have been set aside. These abandoned methods have sought to priorize the safety, wellbeing and security of patients over the business interests of drug makers, hospital owners and medical practitioners.  

It is made to seem like the only imperative that is consistently pursued is the push plunge COVID jabs into as many arms as possible as fast and as widely distributed as possible. Other than that, the underlying philosophy could be described as… dam the reports of extremely harmful health impacts… full steam ahead.

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