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Is This the Worst Excuse for Vaccine Failure Yet? by Dr. Joseph Mercola

They’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses to explain Covid vaccines’ failure. From Dr. Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

worst excuse vaccine failure

Story at-a-glance

  • According to a recent modeling experiment, “Increased contact among vaccinated people can give the false impression that COVID-19 vaccines are not working”
  • This rationale is dubious at best, considering the unvaccinated have continuously been accused of not taking COVID seriously and going about their lives as normal, while the “vaccinated” are, by and large, more fearful and take “authorities” advice to heart, which includes avoiding large gatherings and close one-on-one interactions without wearing a face mask
  • Many data sources reveal that COVID-jabbed individuals are now getting COVID-19 at far higher rates than the unjabbed. Death rates, both for COVID and other causes, have also risen in tandem with the number of shots administered

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Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘narrative has crumbled’

The narrative has crumbled because the vaccines don’t work and they’re dangerous. From Art Moore at wnd.com:

Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi depart the U.S. Capitol after the president spoke at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi depart the U.S. Capitol after the president spoke at the House Democratic Caucus meeting, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Dr. Peter McCullough – a renowned cardiologist and highly published medical scientist whose confrontation of the government’s COVID-19 policies has drawn more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan’s podcast – told WND in a video interview Thursday night the official pandemic narrative that has been fiercely guarded by establishment media and social-media censors is “completely crumbling.”

That narrative, he said, included “false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed.”

“And now here we are, almost in complete free fall,” McCullough said, referring to the record number of COVID-19 cases as officials acknowledge the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission.

McCullough noted that in California, with the more contagious but much milder omicron variant now dominant, health care workers who tested positive for COVID-19 and had symptoms were told to go back to work.

“With that, I think that’s it. I think that’s the end. The narrative has crumbled. People don’t want these vaccines,” McCullough said.

“The vaccines should be pulled off the market. They clearly are not solving the problem.”

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The war on a virus has resulted in colossal failure, and the ruling class is determined to cover up this undeniable reality, by Jordan Schachtel

The war on the virus was never meant to be a success. The ongoing failure is, among other things, meant to get us used to totalitarian control. From Jordan Schachtel at dossier.substack.com:

The war on a virus is long lost, and the sunk costs keep piling up.

Whether you believe that this was all to bring about a Great Reset or some of the actors involved genuinely wanted to stop a virus, the result is now clear. The war on COVID-19 is over and it has resulted in colossal loss. Not a single battle was won. They lost the war, they know they lost the war, and now the losing side of the war — the global “elite” — is attempting to cover up this reality by any means necessary, even if it means dragging the entirety of humanity down with them.

Twitter avatar for @USMortalityBen M. @USMortality

Australia’s Covid Internment Camp! via: youtube.com/watch?v=mGFdWc…


Movement Passes for 5 year olds in New York City and San Francisco. Prison for the non compliant in Austria and Germany. Detention centers for troublesome citizens in Australia and New Zealand. What do all of these places have in common? First and foremost, as The Dossier readers know well by now, none of these measures are backed by any legitimate scientific precedent. The global “elite” forcibly drafted billions of people into fighting a “war on a virus,” and that war has been an abysmal failure. Now, almost two years into this war, the ruling class won’t give it up. Far from surrendering this unwinnable war, the “generals” of this struggle have decided to attempt to bring us down with them into colossal defeat.

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The Elephant In The Room, by Ben Garrison

COVID: “Hey, look at the mess I can make.” The Jab: “Hold my beer.” By John Wilder

They’re coming up with all sorts of explanations why the increase in heart disease and heart attacks couldn’t be the vaccines fault. From Jon Wilder at wilderwealthwise.com:

“Either put on these glasses or start eating that trashcan.” – They Live

So, if I take it I can still catch the ‘Rona and I can still spread the ‘Rona, but the unjabbed are the problem?

The endgame of the ‘Rona may be near.

“Two weeks to stop the spread” has now been going on for 630 days.  “The Jab” got its Emergency Use Authorization about a year ago.  And now, the latest stats I’ve seen show 59% of the people in the country have double-jabbed, and 69% have had at least one dose.

But what are the consequences?  I would give you a conspiracy theory, but let’s face it:  in 2021, conspiracy theories should be called what they really are:  plot spoilers.

Honestly, the impact of the vaxx is not fully known, and probably won’t be for years.  But there have been a stunning series of news stories showing up that tell us that whatever problems are causing the wave of excess deaths, it is certainly, completely, and utterly not the mRNA gene therapy causing it:

(LINK)  Cannabis!  Yes.  That certainly is the only reason that young people who normally never have heart attacks and die are having them.  Whew.  Problem solved.  The American Heart Association would never lie to us, right?

(LINK)  Oh, the heart attacks are being caused by stress because of the ‘Rona.  Well, that’s relieving to know!  This is mainly in that heart-attack-prone age group of 30 to 45.  Oh, and the 300,000?  That’s in the UK.

(LINK)  Don’t forget poor diet.  Also, show a picture of keto food while complaining about sugar.

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The Delta Scam, by Jim Quinn

The coronavirus commissars are doing everything they can to paint the tape and instill fear, but the tape (i.e. official statistics) isn’t cooperating. From Jim Quinn at theburningplatform.com:

“This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.”George Orwell, Animal Farm

A Covid Vaccine Crossroads - WSJ

“There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”Benjamin Disraeli

It’s amazing how you can lie with statistics when you don’t provide context and/or leave key information out of your false narrative. As of July 4, the entire covid fear narrative was dying out, with cases crashing to new lows and the Big Pharma vaccine profit machine sputtering. That is when those controlling the media narrative began running the stories about the Indian variant and the imminent tragedy. As cases soared over 350,000 per day, the MSM was predicting bodies piling up in the streets.

They failed to give context that India has 1.4 billion people, four times the population of the U.S. On a cases per million basis, India’s surge was still 70% lower than the U.S. peak in January. And then the cases collapsed by 75% in a matter of weeks, with no mass rollout of vaccines. But they did distribute copious amounts of ivermectin. Must just be a coincidence. Everyone knows ivermectin is only for cows and horses, per the “experts” at the FDA.

With the Indian case collapse, the purveyors of fear needed to give the Indian variant a new scary name – Delta Variant. So India, with a 10% vaccination rate has seen a complete collapse in cases. Meanwhile, the UK and Israel, with some of the highest vaccination rates in the world, 64% and 60% respectively, have seen huge surges in Delta cases. It’s almost as if the vaccines have created the Delta surge. You might even conclude the vaccines are a complete and utter failure, with significant numbers of adverse reactions, 5 months of limited efficacy, and unknown long-term health effects.

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Boost the insanity, by Alex Berenson

What a merry-go-round. The vaccines don’t protect you from infection and may in fact make you more susceptible. The solution? More vaccines! From Alex Berenson at alexberenson.substack.com:

Before you even CONSIDER a third shot, please read this

As Covid cases, hospitalizations, and now deaths soar in Israel even though over 90 percent of older adults are fully vaccinated, the country is aggressively pushing a third shot.

Hundreds of thousands of older Israelis have already received it.

And other countries are preparing to follow.

Now the inevitable is happening. The third shot is beginning to fail.

The desperate move for a third shot is the latest and maybe most desperate manifestation of the panic around the vaccine failure that health authorities still will not openly admit is happening.

And it is profoundly anti-science.

These mRNA vaccines are not Pepto-Bismol. They have profound biological effects. They are encapsulated in fat particles whose long-term effects are unknown. They spread throughout the body (despite the early promise they would not). They hijack cellular machinery in exactly the same way an actual virus does.

They are no joke.

And – as rushed and flawed as their development was last year – at least regulators forced Pfizer and Moderna to test them in large clinical trials, with a total of more than 70,000 people.

The trials had two main goals: to make sure they didn’t have massive, immediate side effects (safety) and that they actually worked against the virus (efficacy).

In fact, the trials showed the vaccines did have a nasty short-term side effect profile – and that it worsened after the second dose. And despite their size, the trials failed to catch severe side effects for both the mRNA vaccines (which – at the least – cause heart inflammation in some young people) and the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, which cause a rare but particularly nasty form of blood clotting.

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