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Giorgia on Our Mind, by Pepe Escobar

Fascist globalists of all stripes are upset by the election of Giorgia Meloni. Many have resorted to calling her a fascist—pure projection. From Pepe Escobar at strategic-culture.org:

Grab the Negronis and the Aperol Spritz; it’s show time.

It’s tempting to interpret the Italian electoral results this past Sunday as voters merrily hurling a bowl of lush papardelle with wild boar ragu over the collective bland faces of the toxic unelected Euro-oligarchy sitting in Brussels.

Well, it’s complicated.

Italy’s electoral system is all about coalitions. The center-right Meloni-Berlusconi-Salvini troika is bound to amass a substantial majority in both the Parliament’s Lower House and the Senate. Giorgia Meloni leads Fratelli d’Italia (“Brothers of Italy”). The notorious Silvio “Bunga Bunga” Berlusconi leads Forza Italia. And Matteo Salvini leads La Lega.

The established cliché across Italy’s cafes is that Giorgia becoming Prime Minister was a shoo-in: after all she’s “blonde, blue eyes, petite, sprightly and endearing”. And an expert communicator to boot. Quite the opposite of Goldman Sachs partner and former uber-ECB enforcer Mario Draghi, who looks like one of those bloodied emperors of Rome’s decadence. During his Prime Ministerial reign, he was widely derided – apart from woke/finance circles – as the leader of “Draghistan”.

On the financial front that otherworldly entity, the Goddess of the Market, the post-truth equivalent of the Delphi Oracle, bets that PM Giorgia will insist on the same old strategy: debt-funded fiscal stimulus, which will turn into a blowout in Italian debt (already huge, at 150% of GDP). All that plus a further collapse of the euro.

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Meloni Contra Mundum, by Pedro Gonzales

The vote for Meloni in Italy is a reaction to the warped notions and fake science the globalists are peddling. From Pedro Gonzales at chroniclesmagazine.org:

The womb of the 20th century conceived a monstrous form of government called “liberal democracy”—called so inaccurately, for it is neither liberal nor democratic. It is a soft totalitarianism that, because it advances beneath the tattered banner of progress, claims the moral authority to declare all alternative political arrangements illegitimate. In the liberal democratic world system, every nation has the right to self-determination only so long as it is determined to become a liberal democracy. In this maximalist war footing against its ideological competitors, it is not unlike Bolshevism.

“Communism and liberal democracy proved to be all-unifying entities compelling their followers how to think, what to do, how to evaluate events, what to dream, and what language to use,” the Polish philosopher Ryszard Legutko wrote in his 2016 book The Demon in Democracy. Like communism, liberal democracy assumed for itself the mantle of universalism and thus became decidedly illiberal in that it ceased to acknowledge the possibility of different political systems. All movements since then have been a rush toward the universal homogenous state.

It is for this reason that liberal democracies across the West unified this weekend in denouncing the democratic will of the Italian people, who have just propelled Giorgia Meloni and her right-wing Italian nationalist party to electoral victory. Man is a symbolic animal, and Meloni’s victory is seen as a symbolic rejection of Western liberalism. Whether she lives up to that potential is yet to be seen. But the electricity of the moment is palpable: the Italians have voted against the times.

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Italy’s Next Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni: Why Do They Hate Her So Much, by Tyler Durden

Any sincere set of utterances against the globalist agenda by a politician will earn that politician instant enmity and vitriol until such utterances are recanted. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

So much for European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen’s threats from days ago, which Italians clearly ignored as Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing bloc is celebrating its historic, if largely expected, victory and a clear majority. Rod Dreher of The American Conservative sounds off on von der Leyen’s failed attempts at bullying entire populations of Europe: “How dare she?! How dare this unelected globalist technocrat threaten a free and democratic people like this! It is an outrage. This threat to bring the EU mechanism to bear against Italy if Italian voters give Giorgia Meloni power at this weekend’s election is a staggering moment. It shows what the EU is really about: not democracy, but rule by globalist elites.”

This brings us to the question of ‘Why do they hate her so much?’ The below 2-minute clip of Meloni giving a prior event speech which went viral this weekend as the votes in Italy were being counted provides a glimpse of why they must be on suicide watch in Brussels. The new Italian Prime Minister describes eloquently that Italians and human beings in general are not mere identity-less consumers and economic playthings of the ivory tower technocrat class, but belong under God, country and family…

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New Prime Minister of Italy

Giorgia Meloni

Italexit Prontissimo, by Good Citizen

The head of the EU threatened Italy if the country elected Giorgia Meloni prime minister, and the Italians went ahead and elected her! The threat probably increased the turnout. From Good Citizen at thegoodcitizen.substack.com:

— Giorgia Meloni

(Newly elected Prime Minister of Italy)

If you should know anything about Italy, know this: never get in the way of Italian pensioners and a 1989 Hitachi Television showing “Calcio”.

That’s Italian for football, which is British for “Soccer” which used to be Americano for “Queer”, but not anymore. The beautiful game is finally getting some love stateside with packed stadiums for its noble attempt at Football called MLS, which sounds like some kind of motor neuron disease. Half the players in the league are certainly suffering from something, the way they play.


Hear that?

That’s the sound of 150 die-hard MLS sportsball fans unsubscribing from this substack. Relax my dudes, I’m just bustin’ your sports balls. I get it. I have friends who…all they live for are Portland Timbers’ games. Actually, this could explain why Oregon ranks #1 out of fifty states for Euthanasia, but seriously, I get it. Don’t retreat.

On Hitachi, apparently, they make vibrators now, but back in the day when they made televisions, I walked in front of one showing a match between Cagliari and Lazio at a cliffside bar in the sleepy Sardinian town of Castelsardo. The pensioners erupted in fury and made all kinds of hand motions in the air. I thought there was a goal but I quickly realized I was the target of their ire at the moment just before a penalty kick was to be taken.

They love their Calcio in Italy. They exist for it.

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