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A warning from the future: The US may soon look like New Mexico, by Larry Behrens

Take it from a New Mexico resident, you don’t want the US to look like New Mexico. From Larry Behrens at washingtonexaminer.com:

If you don’t believe that the United States can become very radical, very quickly under a Biden administration, you haven’t been paying attention to New Mexico.

I know what you’re thinking: When it comes to radical liberal policies, California is the gold standard. Yet, for the past two years, New Mexico has embarked on an unfortunate mission to become just like California, but faster. The disastrous results speak for themselves.

New Mexico’s governor is Michelle Lujan Grisham, a radical liberal and strong supporter of President-elect Joe Biden. When she entered office in January 2019, she was handed a budget surplus of $1.4 billion, attributable in large part to the state’s oil and gas workers. Her response to this windfall was to give away hundreds of millions of dollars to Hollywood, align herself with radical environmentalists to pass her own version of the “Green New Deal,” and, of course, give her own administration a raise.

Today, New Mexico suffers the eighth-highest unemployment rate in the nation. Our state also ranks in the top half of the most restrictive COVID-19 lockdowns. For a sense of how desperate New Mexicans are becoming under these restrictions, look no further than a fourth grade student who was forced to sit outside the walls of his locked school just to get access to Wi-Fi in order to participate in class.

What about that massive budget surplus that Lujan Grisham inherited? Gone. Last June, legislators were forced to go into a special session to fix the budget she had signed just a few months earlier. And it gets worse.

Just this week, the governor’s administration delivered budget proposals for next year that include cuts to state funds for investigating senior citizen abuse but increases so that state workers can drive more electric vehicles — appeasing radical environmentalists and donors at the expense of vulnerable grandparents’ well-being.

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Cartels ‘kicking our butts’ in New Mexico, as state left without checkpoints, by Daniel Horowitz

My home state is being overrun by illegal immigrants from the south, some of them not particularly nice people, and our idiot governor, Michelle Grisham Lujan, won’t do anything about it. You see, they’re all going to vote Democratic. From Daniel Horowitz at conservativereview.com:

Border wall

grandriver | Getty Images

What happens when our government takes down its interior checkpoints north of the border in New Mexico? Well, the cartels, with the drug and human smuggling, are “kicking our butts,” according to one local official.

In an interview with CR, Couy Griffin, the chairman of the Otero County, New Mexico, county commission, explained how our government has exposed his county, and by extension, the rest of the nation, to unprecedented criminal activity from the Mexican cartels. In his view, by taking down the two secondary Border Patrol checkpoints in his county in order to focus on more processing of illegal immigrants, the federal government is missing the point.

“The cartel is winning and winning big; they are kicking our butts,” complained the commissioner of this sparsely populated but large county bordering Texas, near El Paso. “We get so tied up and focused on the asylum seekers or the illegal immigrant aspect of what’s going on at our southern border, but the reality of it is that it’s nothing but a mere smoke screen for the cartel. They’re using these large groups of migrants as nothing more than a smoke screen to smuggle their drugs across the southern border. Meanwhile, as soon as those agents are exhausted, those critical spots, they’re sending boatloads of drugs across the border in unsecured areas. The shutting down of the checkpoints on the major drug smuggling corridors is a recipe for disaster. Now they have a green light to shuttle drugs through our counties and through our rural areas, with no security in place.”

Otero County, while itself not on the international border, has two highways originating from the two main border towns where the illegal immigrants are coming in and the cartels are operating – U.S. Highway 70 and U.S. Highway 54. For years, there has been a checkpoint on each highway on the way to Alamogordo, the foremost town in this county. Griffin noted that while the cartels used to relegate their activity to remote parts of the southeast corner of the county, “Now, with our checkpoints being shut down, there’s no need to take it out to the middle of nowhere when they can just run it right up to main road.”

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