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Doug Casey on Political Bombings

Doug Casey assesses the potential for escalating violence. From Casey at caseyresearch.com:

Justin’s note: Three weeks ago, someone sent pipe bombs to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the offices of CNN.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. But that doesn’t make this story any less disturbing… especially since these attacks appear to be politically motivated.

Of course, this isn’t the first time this has happened. During the 1970s, hundreds of political bombings occurred. They were commonplace.

So, I recently called Doug Casey to find out if he sees any similarities between what’s happening now and what happened in the ‘70s…

Justin: Doug, do you see any parallels between what’s happening now and what happened in the ‘70s?

Doug: They’re similar in that the natives are restless. In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, the Vietnam War was the centerpiece, and—in very general terms—the leftists, hippies, and blacks were arrayed against the establishment, the middle class, and the working class. This time is very different. The US is engaged in wars everywhere, but nobody cares. The leftists have completely won on the ideological level. And the leftists and blacks have been reinforced by massive numbers of Hispanics, migrants, and—counterintuitively—college graduates.

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The Monster Mash, by James Howard Kunstler

Will the upcoming election blow up the Democrats? According to the mainstream media it can’t happen, but don’t be surprised if it does. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

The sad reality is that last week’s Pittsburgh synagogue massacre is only the latest float in the long-running parade of ghastly homicidal spectacles rolling across this land and will be just as forgotten in one week as was last year’s Las Vegas Mandalay Bay slaughter of 58 concert-goers plus over 800 wounded and injured, a US record for non-military acts of violence. The Pittsburgh shootings elbowed the mass pipe bomber, Cesar Sayoc, out of the news cycle — but then Sayoc didn’t manage to actually hurt any of the high-profile figures he targeted with his mailings. What I wonder — and what the news media has so far failed to report — is just how incompetent a bomb-maker Sayoc was. Fake news meets fake bombs.

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The Latest Bomb Scare, by Paul Craig Roberts

Always question the “official” version of any story. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

I appreciate readers’ confidence that I can explain the mail bomb scare that has been blamed on Cesar Sayoc. I have not followed this story and regret that I don’t have an explanation to provide.

Stephen Lendman raises the question whether Sayoc is a real culprit or a patsy for an operation orhestrated for political reasons. See: https://stephenlendman.org/2018/10/harmless-mail-bomb-scare-suspect-arrested/

This seems to me to be, at our present state of information, a legitimate question. If the security agencies and the Democratic National Committee were willing to orchestrate a fake “Russiagate” scheme against Trump for political reasons, why not also a fake bomb attack on Democrats? Just as the presstitutes went along with “Russiagate” despite the absence of any evidence, RT reports that the US media is blaming “Trump’s ‘hateful rhetoric’ for the packages.” https://www.rt.com/usa/442429-mail-bomber-stripper-pizza/

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Are the Dems Self-punking? by James Howard Kunstler

The full story of the mailed in pipe bombs is not yet known. What is known is the Democrats seem hell-bent on blowing themselves up this election season. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Applying Occam’s Razor (aka the law of logical parsimony) to the latest rash of attempted pipe-bombings against mostly Democratic Party associated targets, one would have to conclude that the most likely suspect is… Debbie Wasserman-Schultz! Isn’t that her return address on the packages? You say, Oh, but her name was misspelled. And your point is? The FBI has already determined that the packages were posted down in Florida, where DWS’s congressional district happens to be located! You say, Oh, but none of the bombs went off. And your point there? There is no evidence (so far) that DWS ever attended a science fair back in her high school days (drunk, stoned or otherwise), or submitted a project to one, let alone one involving pipe bombs.

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Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones, by Caitlin Johnstone

One of the better headlines we’ve seen recently. From Caitlin Johnstone at medium.com:

Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, and the CNN office (addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan who actually works for NBC). As of this writing nobody has been killed or injured in any way by any of these many explosive devices, and there is as of this writing no publicly available evidence that they were designed to. As of this writing there is no evidence that the devices were intended to do anything other than what they have done: stir up fear and grab headlines.

And of course it is a good thing that nobody has been hurt by these devices. Obviously targeting anyone with packages containing explosive materials is terrible, even if those devices were not rigged with the intention of detonating and harming anyone, and it is a good thing that not a single one of them has done so. It is a good thing that none of America’s political elites were targeted by the sort of explosive device that America drops on people in other countries every single day. You know, the kind that actually explode.

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Did Trump Goad and Guide the Pipe Bomber? by Patrick J. Buchanan

We’ve reached a point where the two sides of the political divide despise each other, and finding common ground appears impossible. From Patrick J. Buchanan at buchanan.org:

By Thursday, the targets of the mailed pipe bombs had risen to nine: George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, John Brennan, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Biden and Robert De Niro.

That list contains four of the highest-ranking officials of Barack Obama’s administration: the president himself, his vice president, his secretary of state and his attorney general.

Yet, by Thursday morning, there was heartening news.

Not one of the mailed bombs had reached its target. Not one handler of a mailed bomb had been injured. Not one bomb had exploded.

Several of the bombs were said to be deficient. While they contained elements of pipe bombs, with shards of glass and powder, there was no trigger to ignite an explosion.

Were these devices simply poorly made, or did the bomber intend not to wound or kill, but simply to cause a panic?

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